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 The only solution is to learn to make money online the most successful startups of our time all those that leverage technology to build a direct link between users and the product or service.

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I thought the forex is currently the largest trading platform. The explosive digital revolution has also reached that the financial market and a penetration of crypto currencies, is growing at an ever increasing pace.

The growth of daily trading numbers on crypto exchanges for exceeds the growth of Forex!

Analytics believe this trend will grow exponentially in the coming years!

Krypto currency exchanges are responsible for billions of dollars of cryptocurrency trading per. In contrast to fiat currencies, one of the characteristics of the crypto currencies is that all transactions are carried out to block chains which provide or secure and tamperproof record transaction and storage of cryptocurrencies, serving, as a kind of public digital.

Crypto exchanges can be deviated into two large groups, centralized exchange, CE X, and decentralized exchanges DEX.

Control lies stock exchange or run by companies, and other organizations. The cryptocurrency to be traded must be deposited and had in the accounts of the company those acting as a custodian. They have full control over the operation of the platform and funds, and all the soul decision>

In contrast, decentralized exchange, or managed by smart contract, so users can be fully aware of the terms of operation.

No user data or funds are stored the platform only managers and facilitates trading.

We are offering a solution to the multibillion dollar problem of the crypto exchanges.

Traders, phase 2 major challenges, for which no effective solution has yet to be in.

These challenges are the extremely complexity and costly interchange between exchanges running on different.

Financial transactions between trading platforms, using different block, chains required, professional skills and routine, which is why does platforms are not yet used by the masses, but this will certainly change in the future.

Routine traders can you simplify the transactions between different exchanges, but they are not exempt from the high cost of these.

The cost of financial transactions from an exchange, running on the Etherium chain to another platform, such as Binance smart chain is.

Since the two Blockchain, or not able to communicate, and transact directly with each other different transactions, have to be carried out on each Blockchain separately, each of which requires the payment of system, usage fees on the respective Blockchain reach in most cases are very expensive.

Mosaic Blockchain.

The companies proprietary Blockchain mosaic is designed to solve this multi billion dollar problem, which, until now no one has had an effective solution to.

It will serve as a kind of universal Gateway between Blockchains, able to connect to the most common…

It will provide interoperability between Blockchains, but as an open source, Blockchain, it will also allow other developers to develop additional innovative solutions.

Traders can replace complex and extremely costly solutions with quick convenient and cheap solution with the mosaic Blockchain.

Experts agree that on innovative Blockchain, capable of solving this level of challenge, will attract millions of users, and could be of extraordinary what are you in the future.

Centralized and decentralized Blockchain, the reason distinction between those two Blockchains centralize Blockchains are 100% controlled managed, and if necessary made inaccessible by their creators through a centralized system.

Decentralized Blockchains operate on exactly the opposite principal. The Blockchains is controlled by its users, according to a shared operating principle, with no single entity, having the right to control it and thus unable to stop it..

Taking this trend into account, the mosaic Blockchain is built in a decentralized system as a platform specialized in optimizing crypto trades must have 100% transparency. It must be transparent anyone so that the user can fully trust it.. this can only be achieved thorough a decentralized system.

Every system needs a core infrastructure to ensure the secure exchange and storage of the data values and information .

In Blockchain technology, two main types of consensus are distinguished :

1. Proof of work, POW

2. Proof of stake POS

On POW consensus Blockchain minors process pending transactions in exchange for a reward in the native coin of the Blockchain.

The first minor to produce a valid block is rewarded thought this consensus makes the Blockchain very secure. It comes at the expense of scalability, resulting in a very slow and expensive transactions.

The POS consensus does not require much computing power to provide the net work.

A POS means that whoever chose to deposit a certain amount of the native coin of the given, Blockchain becomes the validator of the. Very daters run software that confirms and validates transactions, and if randomly selected, create a new. Newly circulated coins are coins from the system. Usage fees are distributed among the validators.

The Mosaic Blockchain will work on a POS consensus basis, and to achieve the centralized status. It needs validator‘s who deposits a certain amount of coins, and run their validator noods.

How can one acquire mosaic pre tokens. 

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Was like coins can be created in two ways.

   1. Our company allows you to acquire free token before the launch of them was like Blockchain by acquiring eligible business packages have a great at six separate pools of pre-token each of which will be loaded with a fixed number of pre-tokens can buy a smart contract every Sunday at midnight The small contracts will divide the pre-tokens exactly the number of pre-tokens that word and title to a share of your pool, due to their business packages, usually all located a specific business package. Once you have earned or sharing any pool from that moment on, you will benefit from the allocation of the free tokens that are pool every Sunday midnight until the mosaic Blockchain is activated at that time the company broken vertebrae Dawkins burned until then into. It was a coins at the rate of 1 to 1 for everyone.

    2. Partners who acquire a business package that entitles them to validate your status, will not only receive mosaic coins from the conversion of pre-tokens, but we also receive ongoing rewards from 6he mosaic Blockchain system fees in exchange for operating validating the Blockchain in the form of newly issued mosaic coins.

At the heart of the companies, global business plan is the Blockchain, which will have a significant technological value and it’s all right, but we’ll be truly while you were in the ecosystem around .

We plan to build a service platform on the mosaic blockchain that will attract millions of users, and he threw synergize to make the mosaic Blockchain and coins increasingly valuable . The goal is to get masses of people using the mosaic Blockchain and the services is built on it.

The first platform in the ecosystem is the Mosaic trading platform.

Then, mosaic trading platform is a crypto trading platform created with the aim of providing world leading solution for crypto trading trustless, Maxximum, secure and easy to use platform for everyone.

The mosaic trading platform will open up to the masses a world that until now has only been accessible to a very small group of people and reach is currently generating the most a new dollar millionaires in the world!

It takes a lot of money and time or train to become a successful traitor.

On the Mosaic trading platform, anyone will have the option to trade in the traditional way, or take advantage of the special service offered by the platform which allows you to copy strategies of successful traders, verified and certified by the company with the so-called follow up trade service at the touch of a button.

This feature allows us to profit from the huge turnover of the crypto market, without having to learn how to trade professionally! all we have to do is to copy the trade of the trader offered choice using the copy trade function, and the same trade will be copied to our account with the same result.

in exchange for using the follow up trade feature, the trailer receives a commission on the successful traits from users. We have copied his or her strategy it is mutually beneficial for all parties, as the user of the service gains a profit, and the trader receives a commission for successful trades, which he /she sets, and which he/she. defines in the profile.

It is also in the networks interest to make the platform as violent known as possible by registering as many uses as possible since within the next work even if you’d be from an infinite depth, you will earn a commission for every successful trade .

This information, the amount of commission do it on the trade is in the description of the companies official compensation plan .

The mosaic trading platform will stand out from similar platforms, not only because of its features and user-friendly design but also because unlike most trading platforms, it would be built on a trustless system rather than custody in practice. This means that while users have a debt to deposit the money with the provider, do use a custody platform in a trustless system that users money remains in their own wallet at all times with no access rights for anyone else.

For the cost of the platform on additional risk is to customers money could be a possible hacker attack on the provider or if the provider goes bankrupt, customers money could be lost .

Trustless system on the other hand, do not require any trust on the part of the customer, as there is no money handling on the part of the service provider as the users money remains in their own wallet at all time .

When using the follow up trade function, the same rules apply thanks to the smart contract users. Keep their money in their own wallet, and the trade is executed without the third-party, having access to the users money. 

The decentralized system of them was like Blockchain, the trust, less design of the mosaic trading platform, all contribute to the complete transparency, which will be even more appreciated by the crypto community and traders in the near future, and will increase the value of them was a coins,even more!

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