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Winners Don't Quit

Hello everyone, did the title get your attention?  Good

It is a true statement that winners don't quit.  I saw a video the other day of a 800 meter race at a big track and field meet.  The young lady was going up against a very good field of strong competitors.  To make the situation worst it was her home field and a lot of people from her home town turned out to see her run.  When the gun fired everyone took off and the race was going as it always does, nice and smooth for the first lap.  The start of the second lap she was tripped up and fell on her face and quickly lost ground on the entire field.  When she got up and started to run she was more then a quarter lap behind the last person and now possible way she was going to catch the leaders.  But she composed herself and again took off but with determination, she set her eyes on the last person and moved to catch her but as she got closer to that goal she adjusted her focus to the group in front of her.  She moved past her and then past another and another until she was back in the hunt to finish within the top 5 or so.  But something happened,  She gain momentum and speed and pushed past her situation and pain.   She  was now in position to do the unthinkable, she was going to place.  By the time she got within 100 yards of the finish line she was moving to challenge the leaders and yes at the finish line she just beat the leader by a step.  True story I saw the video and it was electric.  I won a lot of races that were close and had to push past my negative thoughts and limitations. 

If what you are doing is not working push harder, change what you are doing or look for a better MLM that works for you, that you fit into.  You are the runner and the business is just the race.  The goal is to run till you finish the race, can build a good residual income that will allow you to have a good life and better your life.

Are you looking for a good one?  Check out what I do,  my site is    check it out and then click the opportunity tab and contact me.  or just email me at  I would b happy to  help you change your life and win.

Frank Lawson

This article was published on 23.01.2016 by Frank Lawson
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