What would you do with $1000!!!

Thanks for stopping by to read this. I am sorry MLM gateway makes us compose such lengthy announcements, but here we go! There are lots of options for you when signing up for network marketing. Everyone is always better than everyone else. Blah blah blah blah. Here is how to be entered into my drawing for $1000 cash! in exchange for taking the free tour of my company products and opportunity - whether you are really interested or not, you will be entered into our drawing. The winner will be announced March 2nd. Here is why I am asking you to PLEASE take this tour. If you win, I will also win $1000 smackers along with you! Win - win!!! Here is my link below. You will receive info about our company and products in your email over the next 3 to 4 days. Reading them will undoubtedly supply you with great info, but other than that you do not have to do another thing! 


Repeating. In exchange for signing up and taking our company tour, and receiving some informational info about us and our company and opportunity, you are entered to win the $1000 give away! Winner will be announced March 2nd. If you win, I will also win $1000. I will offer you another special if you and I are the winners! My bonus and way of saying THANK YOU! I wish you success with MLMG. It’s basically a hang out for people looking to share their better opportunity with others. Other than that, I currently do not see other benefits. That could change, but as of now, it’s a shot in the dark! 

Once again, I don’t care if you have interest in our company or not. I know we all want to get any money we can. This would be the easiest money we can make! Fair game? Heck, I would even watch one of your presentations if you did me this favor. 

Once again – I am not trying to persuade you that my company is the best – even though I am partial to it and love that we have up to 85% commissions and earn a cool 8 different ways. Did I mention on e of these ways is a company profit share? That’s right! Each month our company takes a percentage of their profits and splits it between those that qualify for the month! Sorry for the little plug, just trying to fill the minimum 400 words required here. Let’s go win some cash together! Take my site tour below and you are entered. Winner announced March 2nd!!! Good luck! 


This article was published on 25.02.2019 by Eric Garrison
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Joseph Kulutu Great article Eric. If you are interested in finding extra leads, just let me know.   1 year ago

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