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Who has never done some sort of sport, or been a fan of a famous sportsperson? Most of us, I am sure, have held certain experts in their chosen fields in great esteem, and we often become great fans of such people. We visit social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok to develop and share our love. However, none of these networks is dedicated to sports and entertainment alone with the aim of paying fans for their amazing knowledge, admiration and support.

SuperOne is an attempt to fill this void with devout entertainment and sports fans taking on journeys and tasks, and meeting fellow fans whilst doing so, in their quest for remuneration. Fans gain esteem using holdings of unique non-fungible token Cards whilst competing against other players around the world in contests using a very impressive gaming engine or database, with billions of questions which fans must see and answer with a swipe left for incorrect and right for correct to gain the highest number of correct responses. This is the core functionality of SuperOne.

Please, remember that gaming is a trillion dollar market, and that Mr Richard Branson, the famous entrepreneur, said, " When offered an opportunity get involved and learn about it later."

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The quicker SuperOne players answer, the higher their scores; a recipe for some fast-thinking fun mixed in with a plethora of non-fungible token Spaces. Everything is wonderfully engineered to make you dig ever deeper into your cryptocurrency reserves. The experts themselves can construct pre-saved competitions aimed at themselves and/or just fans which welcome a Zoom-like experience with planned, profitable opportunities.

SuperOne’s revolutionary platform gives internet marketers a range of situations to communicate effectively with consumers. Advertisers these days are increasingly using social media to initiate direct contact with fans and offer live experiences within games that aid in building customer interest and consolidating product exposure.

At SuperOne, they understand feelings and thinking time are important to customers when involved in enjoying the experience provided. They use “smart ads'' that are the result of using computers to process customers’ statistics. Because of this, they try to display advertising which is more useful to the fan observing them than other platforms. This will profoundly influence the way advertisers push their wares on SuperOne.

Fan data is processed - such as players' demographics, actions, age, sex, favourite sports and entertainment, etc. and consequently their targeting will be better than normal and more successful.

Fans can answer questions on different sports from football, basketball, American football, cricket, golf, tennis, Formula 1 to the Olympic Games and all the other sports imaginable.

Questions about entertainment come from movies, music, television, radio, books, automotive, cities and many other sources.

The database contains questions of varying difficulty covering a wide range of difficulty, so they are suitable for all levels of fans.

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This article was published on 30.09.2022 by Nigel Barksfield
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