The Most Important Thing To Know, When You Prospect New People In Any Company

For many people, prospecting others to try and build a team is a nightmare.

It seems that everyone you do get to agree to view a presentation or take a call from you and your upline, never shows.

What is it you are doing wrong?

What can be done to change the outcome of this?

Well, today I am going to share with you exactly how you can change the outcome of prospecting, and get more people not only showing up for presentations and calls, but also joining your team!

The Reason Most Won't Show For Your Call

First thing to know, is why most people don't show when you call them for either a presentation or 3 way call.

The main reason, is because they know what it's about and have been told by others to stay away from it.

You must figure out how to keep a prospect from knowing anything about what the call will be about other than a benefit to them.

Most likely you told the prospect too much, and they knew what the call would be, a sales call.

The Basic Idea To Prospect Correctly

There is a rule to go by when you are talking to people and inviting them to look at the business.

Raise curiosity, not resistance.

The prospect must be curious, and feel as they are the one benefiting for the meeting or call.

Most people will raise resistance with saying too much, so we must avoid that.

You want to say very little, or nothing about what the call pertains to.

If you are wondering how to do that, then I'll type my script I use below so you too can use it.

Script For Inviting People With Curiosity

Let's say you meet someone at a local store.

You want to get them to look at the business.

What you do is first find a topic you can relate to the person about. It's there if you look.

Let's say it is a shirt they have on, something you recognize.

Focus on the shirt, and get the conversation going.

When you are ready to invite, at this point said nothing about the business, this is what to do...

You: Oh, prospect, I just remembered I have to be on a conference call in 2 minutes, so I must go. But it was nice speaking with you and since you seem like a sharp person, I wanted to ask if you or someone you know is open to making extra money if it doesn't interfere with what their currently doing?

Prospect: Yes, I am. What is it?

You: (look at the time) Well I really have to get on this call, so I tell you what I can do for you. Give me your contact info, and I promise I will follow up with you this evening.

Prospect: Here you go, look forward to hearing from you. Don't forget about me.

That is how you do it. Create a reason to leave quick, and then they know why you have no time to explain. But since you promised to follow up, they are excited to hear how they can make extra money on the side.

If prospect DOES NOT want to give contact info, no problem. Just agree and say you understand and walk away. Never tell them what it's about thinking you'll change things.

If you walk away when the prospect says "no" to giving contact info, many of them will change their minds and ask you not to walk off. 

Overview Of What To Know About Prospecting

Remember the concept of this.

Say little to people, and say it to more people.

Always create your BIC (break in communication) so you have upfront the reason for no time to explain.

Prospects get no knowledge or hints of what to expect other then they can make extra money.

Prospect shows up most of the time, and the tools either close the prospect or not. Either way, you got a fair shot at it.

Hope this helps!

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This article was published on 19.08.2018 by Jaye Carden
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