How to Get a New Business Partner Today with this script and 100 free leads

In this article i'm going to share with you how you can sponsor new business partners into your company today by following some simple scripts and a proven method to get people to join you. I'm going to explain only the key activities you need to follow that will directly contribute to new business partners joining you.

You won't have to write articles, start a blog or do any long term marketing activities. These activities are proven to get results as soon as you start them.

We have tested these scripts and have sourced the best leads available and are giving it all to you for free. 

The first thing to understand is that it is a numbers game. 

The more people you get to view your business opportunity presentation the more business partners will join your opportunity. 

Each step in this process will lead you to the serious prospects looking to join your business.

Step 1: How to get a list of 100 free people looking to choose a business opportunity right now.

Step 2: How to Approach your prospect with a proven script to get them to view your business presentation

Step 3: The simple method to make sure they watch your business presentation and ensure that you connect with them after they watch it so you can get them started. (available inside the free training area)

""Out of 100 leads I got 27 on the phone and put 13 people into my business!"

-Julio C Garcia

When you focus your energy on the critical activities that drive direct results in your business you not only get fast results yourself but you set an example for your team. 

I've seen so many team leaders attempting to duplicate high level marketing tactics like starting a blog or doing paid media buys, and while that is ok for them, it's not a good way to duplicate in your business. 

A wise networker once said, It doesn't matter if it works, it only matters if it duplicates. 

With that vision we created a system at that focuses on critical activities that drive real results and duplicate in your business.

Which is why we made it available for your to give everyone in your team including your new business builders a proven strategy to get results in their business right away and give each of them 100 free leads to make it happen.

Once you and your team use the 100 free leads we also have a training that keeps your members going and shows them how to get 3 to 5 leads every day for free.

Get your team duplicating the critical activities that matter and give them the right leads to get results fast, get a check in their hand, increase their excitement about their business venture and start duplicating results right away. 

Join us for free and 

HomeSuccessPro is owned and operated by the Platinum Synergy Group inc. who has been building website marketing systems for large teams and corporate network marketing companies since 1998. We are not a network marketing company and the leads you generate with our systems are always owned by you and will never be rented shared or sold. 

To your success, 

Ryan Hache

This article was published on 07.03.2016 by Ryan Hache
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