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Livegood wins both the sprint and Marathon

While a marathon is a test of endurance, fitness, and toughness to overcome challenges, a sprint is a test of speed and explosiveness. Livegood Seems to have excelled in both aspects beyond expectations. The sprint phase seems never-ending, Livegood is growing at a lightning speed and exploding worldwide, and also poised to sustain this too long term, in what one can call the marathon phase. 

Livegood is trending in both the marathon and sprint, the only way you can fail is if you quit. There will be hundreds of thousands of people joining LiveGood before the end of this year and they have to fall somewhere, possibly under you, if you remain active. You never know when a big builder may fall into your downline.

If you are unranked, set a goal to find two members and rank to Bronze, when you get there, work towards Silver, then Gold, etc. I am currently at Silver and which is a rank you definitely need to strive for because the matching bonuses are much better as you rank up.

Remember members are what goes into the matrix, a person can be a member without being an affiliate. Think outside of your networking buddies if you are struggling to find affiliates. We have great products that are beyond stupid if you are a $9.95 member.

In the Dallas, Texas area, there is a company called The Trusted Lab that advertises CBD products everywhere on the radio. On their website, their Full Spectrum 1500 mg CBD is priced at $115. The LiveGood Full Spectrum 1500 mg CBD oil is $26 if you are a member! If you are struggling to get affiliates, go get members.

I have heard that LiveGood is on pace to do well over $2,000,000 in sales in February alone!

When you register you will be reserved a timestamped position until midnight pacific time Thursday. Until then you will have a link where you can see a list of every person that has registered after you, and see which members chose to upgrade. To secure your timestamped position you just need to upgrade before midnight on Thursday.

The price point is so low that this is a no-brainer decision, I suggest joining for a full year at $139.95 ($40 affiliate fee + $99.95 annual membership fee) or you can join for $49.95 ($40 affiliate fee + $9.95 monthly membership fee). With just a small amount of effort, you should be earning a nice residual income at the end of this year.

The company pays weekly Fast Start Commissions up to 10 generations deep depending on your rank, 2 x 15 Matrix Commissions, Matching Matrix Earnings on your Direct Referrals Matrix earnings up to 5 generations deep depending on your rank, retail sales commissions, and bonuses!

Watch the video Now by clicking here.  That will put you in the Powerline and reserve your registration timestamp through next Thursday. The Powerline is great because you can see the explosive growth of LiveGood in real time!

Click Here and watch the free 5 minutes Video Now and hopefully you can sleep tonight.

We can have lots of fun working together and building you a huge LiveGood Team from now onwards.

This article was published on 17.02.2023 by Pete Ade
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