21 day challenge

Our purpose is to help you achieve your desired body goals by providing you with the best nutritional products and our guidance. We do 1on1 appointments or video calls and also online webinars 3 times a week. It all started by us going through the same process and getting fantastic results, by sharing with other people and others asking what had happened for us to look so good, the business opportunity was then available for us. Feel free to check our website www.freedomflames.com and add us on social medias on Instagram: freedom.flames and Facebook: freedom flames

I've been using Herbalife Nutrition products for the last 3 years, at the beginning I was very sceptical because my friends had negative opinions of it and they were never supportive. Then I decided to give it a go as I was living on my own and working full time at age 22 I didn't really take care of my health and nutrition, I was eating milk and biscuits 3 times a day because I was too lazy to cook something proper. When I started on my Herbalife nutrition program I started feeling better about myself, I knew immediately it was something I could keep up as I loved the shakes from day one and learned to appreciate all the rest I was using as I was explained the quality and role of every product I was using on a daily basis. After 21 days I felt amazing, a burst of energy I never felt before, I woke up 2 hours before my alarm and got dressed to go for a run, as I came back I still had energy and so I went to the gym and finally went to work. I came home that night at 11.30pm after my shift and what really made me feel astonished was that I still had energy to cook a full healthy meal, no milk and biscuits.

That's how things started changing, people around me we're noticing my increased energy and also my body was looking better, so they were asking me what was my secret, that's how I started having my first clients and now I help I team of people that went through the same process and I'm ready to expand in every nation to give people the same opportunity I had, guidance and the best nutritional products on the planet.

email: eddo93@hotmail.it 

This article was published on 21.03.2019 by Oladoyin Eddo
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