How To Use MLM Gateway To Build A MLM Business: Part 3 Messaging


So to this point, we have learned how to get MLM Gateway set up for success, and how to basically keep momentum on the platform.

Here is the point, where the real magic begins happening.

You may see some results in signups and sales from what you learned in Part 2 of this series, because I have seen it happen a few times personally.

But, for the real results to continue coming in on a regular basis, the messaging becomes a critical factor in that magic to happen.

Why Use Messages?

If you are not sure why you should be putting any effort or work into messaging your connections on this platform, this piece will explain why.

A private message plays a big part in building the relationship, and the "know, like, and trust" you need the prospect to have towards you.

Messages are a good way to find what a person truly needs or is looking for. 

If you find a person's pain, or wants and desires, you can then provide a solution to the need.

Usually, the solution is you and your opportunity.

Or, sometimes your solution is an affiliate tool or resource.

Either way, this is creating you into a consultant, which you need to become.

What NOT To Ever Do When Messaging

First thing to understand when sending messages to other members of MLM Gateway, is that you never use the default message.

Nothing shows more carelessness, then sending a message they know you didn't write.

It was only meant to be an example. Erase it and add your own.

Also, never send people a message about your company if they did not ask for it.

Many people make the mistake of sending messages right out of the gate, with long paragraphs about how great their company is, and links to get signed up.

Has this ever worked? Most likely for you it has not so far.

Do not use the messaging platform to do anything other than build a connection and relationship with the individual you connected with. 

Mess this up, and you may never hear from the connection again, or ever.

The First Message

When you send a message to someone on MLM Gateway, make sure it is mostly a thank you message.

Find something on their profile that you know a little about, or have in common with them.

Something to mention in the thank you message that will trigger a conversation between you and the prospect.

Always end the first message to a new connection with a question.

If you do not end the message with a question, then why would the connection have a reason to reply?

The question is set up to get to know the person for one, and to get a higher chance of getting a reply and building a conversation with them.

The Only Link Allowed Without Asking 

This is something everyone needs  to understand before they include links in their message.

If you have a personal blog or website, not a company website or landing page, but a personal blog that brands you as an individual and provides value, then include it below your signature.

This is a way for a prospect to learn about you before messaging you back.

This is there if they wish to click, not asking them to.

Including a link in the signature is not asking anyone for a click, it is offering a way for the prospect to learn more about what you do if they wish.

Including a link that is your name, and leads a website all about you, is a good way to get a massive amount of clicks.

Nothing says I am a trustworthy person that a personal branded blog.

Don't have one of these blogs? Then use the best thing you have, but only include it in a signature and never ask someone to click a link in a message.

Conversation Began, Now What?

Here is where practice makes perfect.

Also, this is where only a possible business relationship can begin, not a certain.

This is why I said never to aim to get anything from a prospect.

Your only aim should be, how can you help them get success or results in what they need.

The best way to get there is through using questions. Asking a prospect a question on how they are doing on getting leads? How are they doing getting leads on MLM Gateway? Do you ever use Linkedin?

There are a million questions you can ask to find out if they even need a tool or resource you have.

If you get a conversation going long enough, many of them tell you they are not happy with their current company.

Some ever admit they aren't even in a company at all, yet on MLM Gateway anyway.

Every conversation is different, so there is no specific right way to do one.

But practice makes perfect, and you must search in what is said to you, in order to find the question you need to ask.

Not Many New Connections Today?

Some days you don't get many connection requests, or even one at all.

This is a common thing.

Just 2 or 3 a day is good for this platform.

So take the time to go through your connections, and get back to someone you talked with in the past.

See if they have updated their profile, or see if anything new has happened.

It is okay, and even wise, to reach back to people you spoke with in the past that did or did not purchase anything from you or join anything.

If you followed Part 1 of this series, you'll have plenty of connections to begin creating conversations with.

You are simply looking to reach back out to people, and catch up. Ask questions on their status.

Many of these people will no longer be in a MLM, so it can be the perfect time to catch up with them.

keep conversations going with MLM Gateway messaging, and you will see it is possible to get a team built using this platform.

Did This Help?

If you got value from this business announcement, please leave a comment below. Also, be sure to send me a connection request, and I will be happy to connect with you. You won't lose the value of a credit sending me a connection request!


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