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Hempworx has grown from 9 million in sales last year  to 18 million alone just last month. 

Training is the key to any business. With MyDailyChoice, we believe in building a culture of trained affiliates who are experts in their own businesses. Ultimately, when you master your craft, you attract the right people into your business. Knowing some simple steps to success could change your future! As we always say, it’s our daily choices that will create your daily income!

The MOST IMPORTANT part of MyDailyChoice and the foundation of our business is our amazing breakthrough product line. A successful marketer uses their own personal story to attract others into their business. We want you to be confident that you have the best product line that impacts people in a powerful way. 

A really exciting part of the MyDailyChoice opportunity is our proven online system. We have an opportunity where EVERYONE can build their business from home… no matter what country they are in! The system does a lot of the reminding and following up. 

However, in order for any system to work, you have to drive people into the system! There’s only one door to the money in Network Marketing and that’s the number of people you expose DAILY to the opportunity. Make sure you are driving traffic through online marketing, offline marketing, warm market, cold market, and social media.

By staying on autoship and using the product, you will have a great success story to tell people with honesty what this can do for them! Great mentors say… out of product = out of business. Stay on autoship so you have plenty of samples handy to give out to your prospects!

The fortune is in the follow up! Even though our system does 95% of the work, you still have to follow up. Expert studies show that the average sale is made on the 6th phone call you make to your prospects. 

After prospects take your free tour, give them a phone call and let them know that the success line system is already placing people underneath them in their team and they are in a great position. Use your success coach for 3-way calls to build credibility. Also invite your prospects to our Thursday Night opportunity call. Do these daily activities and you will be headed to the TOP!

Newer products: 
Cinnamon flavor & CBD enriched Coffee with Chaga Mushroom & Coffee Keto Creamers enriched with CBD

Soon to come CBD bathbombs! I can grow your business with you and it only costs $20. 

Please, send me your email if you would like a look into the back office, compensation plan & products!? 

Hempworx is exploding and only growing more rapidly each month.

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This article was published on 11.02.2019 by Ashley Rambone
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HempWorx - Hemp CBD Oil, 20 USD to join

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