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This Recession Proof Business is the first and only not for profit company in the direct selling industry. There are not any distributors only members that share a free earnings platform. Every month all the expenses are paid out and then 100% of the profits are paid out to all the members. Our goal is to improve your immune system and financial independence

The founder and founding partners do not make a salary off the top but are members just like everyone else and make money like all of the members. There is no cost to join, there are no startup cost, no website cost, no annual fees, no charges for transferring profits from your back office to your bank account, no shipping cost for anything over $49.99. No requirements for receiving cashback on all purchases but there is a minimum purchase to get cashback on everyone you share this earnings platform with.

There are no overpriced products and in fact many of the products can be purchased on Amazon but when you purchase these products through the free earnings platform you get cashback. There is no breakage and no cap on how much you can make.

Everyone that joins gets their own customized website and a free travel discount link with priceline that one gets cash back from hotel reservations, car rentals, plane tickets and even cruise line reservations and you get cashback on anyone you share your travel link with.

There is free training on how to use your own website.

Joining is done through an existing member. There are fifteen generations and when someone joins their value is the same on every generation and each product has a product value and each month a point value is determined from the total profits and right now it is 22.5% and as more people join this number will get larger. The amount you are paid on your first generation is the same as you are paid on the 15th generation. To get paid on your 15th generation does require you to build 9 wide on you 1st generation. Less width equates to less depth. The initial goal is to share this platform with at least 10 people that are buying the minimum amount per month of product of $49..99. This will allow you to get your product for free.

To simplify this processes there are 2 challenges that if you subscribe to the minimum amount of $49.99 you will get paid on everyone else under you that is doing the challenge all the way down 15 generations with no width requirements. Doing this auto ship or monthly subion (which can be canceled easily at anytime) gets you more cashback and free shipping. 

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What does the perfect network marketing business look like to you?

Which of the following attributes would you like to see in your business?

Free to join

No selling

No overpriced products

No startup packages

Pays out all the profit made every month back to members.

No breakage

No minimum to qualify to get paid back on your own purchases

No salaries paid to founder or managing partners

The more you share the more you make

Not for profit company so company can never be sold

All the above attributes ​

2 .What industry would make this a perfect business and Why?

Because the retail industry has an unlimited potential just because the sheer volume was 24 trillion dollars USD in 2015 and it continues to grow world wide it just makes sense to have a business in this industry

  3. What part of the retail industry is this business in and why?

Everyone buys and spends money on monthly consumables from this industry. So what we have done is turn these household monthly expenditures into a monthly residual income. And no matter what the economy is doing people need to buy monthly consumables.

  4. What does it cost to Start this perfect business?

It is totally free to start this business and it cost nothing to maintain this business. So there is no financial reason for not trying to do this business. You cannot lose money doing this business. You cannot get hurt. There is no risk.

  5. What benefit does the consumer and/or customer get from this business?

As a consumer or customer you get cash back on everything you buy and you save money because the cost of the products are not marked up and you can get them for exactly what you would normally pay for them in a store or on Amazon.

  6. How much money per month would make this a perfect business for you?

$1000 per month

$2000 per month

$3000 per month

$5000 per month

$10,000 per month

More per month?

  7. How to make this business successful?

As an entrepreneur everyone that comes into the business must commit to sharing this business with at least 6 or more other entrepreneurs that must commit to doing the same.

Each person who makes this commitment must also commit to buying monthly at least enough product to create a minimum of 30 points for the profit pool to make the amount of points you create on products others purchase. This is a not for profit business that shares each month all the profits back to the membership and depends on how much is contributed to the profit pool by the membership. Ultimately this commitment will increase over time to provide a better results in the business. All of this will become obvious after becoming a member of this business.

  8. What is the potential of this business?

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This article was published on 28.11.2019 by Peter Blackman
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