You Have to Do Something Different in Order to Have Something Different

Dear Entrepreneur,

You are not going to operate from a place of bullying and begging people to join your opportunity or buy your product AND produce financial freedom.  Read on.

Your upline is telling you to post the product and business on your personal Facebook page. (First, this is against FB policy, but who really reads those? Since everyone does it, you might as well, they can’t shut all pages down).  They may not shut the pages down, however, they can limit the reach.  When you do this, you put ALL your energy into branding the company and absolutely NO energy into branding yourself.  This is mistake number 1. What will you do if something should happen to the company?  Keep reading for what you should post on your personal page.

Your upline is telling you to make a lot of friends and send them your business link.  This is mistake number 2.  Most people are repelled by this.  When you lead from your wallet, you give the impression that you are only concerned with your money and not how the product or opportunity can add value to the person’s life.  You SHOULD NEVER RELY ON THE COMPANY’S MARKETING VIDEOS! I said “RELY”.  Use them to educate not recruit.  Keep reading for more prospecting and recruiting.

Your upline is telling you to go live and talk about the opportunity and product.  Mistake number 3.  Go live yes, talk about your business or product, no.  Why?  One, your reach is going to be limited because of engagement baiting and you won’t get the results you want and two, people want to be motivated and inspired to change, they want to hear about resolutions to their problems, they want to know if you are someone who can solve their problems.  Keep reading for more on providing value via video.

Do any of these mistakes sound remotely familiar to what your upline has trained you to do?  No worries.  Read the following to find out how to turn it around.


Solution for mistake number 1 – Use your personal FB page as your digital business card.

    Upload an inviting profile photo

    Upload a simple, or catchy, or motivational, or inspirational cover photo

    Update your About Me section

    Clean up page by removing ALL company related posts and pics.

    Make lifestyle posts, motivational posts, inspirational posts, educational posts (no promoting)

Solution for mistake number 2 – Create your Avatar and learn their language

    Determine who your perfect prospect is and name it

    Determine the Avatar’s pains and struggles

    Provide the solutions to the pains and struggles

   Speak to the Avatar's pains and struggles

    Attract the Avatar to your product and opportunity

Solution for mistake number 3 – Go live for engagement

    Share stories of struggle and victory

    Share other people’s testimonials (do not name product or opportunity)

    Share educational information about FB algorithms and policy updates

    Create curiosity about the value of the product and opportunity (do not say it)

    Talk about yourself, family, accomplishments, etc

To get these solutions now so you can end 2019 on a good noted and start 2020 in the right direction, go to and make the investment.  You have to make the decision, today, that you will not be in this same place a year from now! I’m in your corner supporting you all the way!

This article was published on 16.12.2019 by Tamara Scott
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