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Whether or not you know it you possess a very valuable asset. Did you know that the location data on your phone is valuable? When you download free apps or use Google Maps, the Weather App, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. these apps are all being tracked. They are collecting anonymous data from us and they are selling it for billions of dollars. What do we get in return? A big fat zero!  Tapestri is going to change that forever. 

 If you are curious and 400 words are more than you can take click on this link

This has been seven years in the making and it's happening now! Tapestri is launching at the end of September 2021!

Let me ask you this:           

1. Approximately how many Apps are installed on your phone?

2. Of the installed Apps how many were free?

3. Do You use all the Apps every day?

4. Do You disable the seldom-used Apps?

5. Are You aware your free Apps Collect data about you and sell the data to other companies?

6. Are you okay with your data being monetized and sold without receiving any compensation?

7. Just to clarify, have you ever received a check from any one of your free Apps as compensation for them selling your valuable data?

8. What if there were a free App that was transparent and told you upfront that they were going to collect only your anonymous location data and sell it, but they were going to pay you for your data every month?

9. What if the free App also paid you for referring your friends or family or any one of your contacts?

This sounds amazing, right? Well, it really is amazing and there is no other company on earth doing what Tapestri is doing. 

Tapestri’s founding team truly believes that you, the consumer, not the advertiser or the brand, should be the main point in the data supply chain. The team wants to provide value and fair compensation to everyday consumers for one of their most valuable assets - their data.

You'll get paid for living your normal life and there will be no surveys or purchases. Tapestri will pay you for doing everything you already do. It works on your iPhone or Android and anywhere in the world. 

You can pre-register now to become a founding member before the launch. As a founder, you pay the monthly affiliate fee of $9.95 just one time, and then it will be waived for the next twelve months. WOW! Better hurry though because this special offer will only last a few more days from September 28, 2021.

To earn cash all you have to do is share Tapestri. Easy peasy.

This article was published on 28.09.2021 by Sharon Wilton
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Njideka N. Olatunde I look at your website and the program concept is something everyone should be thinking about as it relates to being pimped by big money making corporations.  1 year ago
Roy Hale Sounds really great idea.  1 year ago

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