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Hello, am Lynne Keya. A Kenyan (24 years) and A Fulltime Network Marketer.

Allow me to Introduce you to Instant Crypto Cashers.(Icc). Founded in the USA two years ago. (2016) with Operations globally.

Icc is a purely Referral Business.

No Tangible Products at all.

Our Business is Money and People.

The More People You Bring The More Money You Earn.

Icc Requires a Capital Investment of 31$.(USD).

No Monthly or Annual Renewals.

How you Earn:-

1st Recruit- 7.5$





6,7,8,9 to Infinity is 21.3$ per Person.(That's Direct income).

Indirect income.

You can An Indirect passup 13.8$ for Every Referral Your First 2 Direct Bring and The Chain Shall Continue Forever.

(U shall understand better via PDF presentation)

Advantages of Icc.

1. One Referral Earns You 30 points. Those Points Can Be Redeemed and Earn You a Flashy Cars,Trip Abroad, Iphones, Laptops and Motorcycles. (See Pics).

2. No Renewals Ever.

3. No Targets No Pressure.

4.Instant Cash Withdraw to your Mobile money or Visa/Mastercard.

5. Incentives that Encourage You To Work More.

6. Its International so you can Recruit Anyone From Anywhere!!! All over The World.

7. Work From Home.

8. Not Exploited Yet.

9. Your Membership Shall be Sponsoring An Orphan's Charity Forum in Africa. See Website.(

Rule of the Game:-

 The Earlier You Join the Better. If you dont join Today ,Do not Join 6 months Later.

Contact me via WhatsApp. +254

Am Based in Nairobi Kenya.

Thanks and Welcome.

Lastly...Here is Why ICC is Better than Your Current Mlm Or Placement.

1. ICC is International,So You Can Recruit From Across The World. Many Placements In Kenya Are Only Limited To Kenya Or East Africa!

2. Icc has An Affordable joining Fee Of 3527/- (Which Is a One Time Payment For Life.) Most Placements In Kenya, Ask For Exaggerated Amounts Like 23,000/- or 4500/- +3500/- Monthly Renewals Which Scare away Willing Entrepreneurs.

So Its Easy To Recruit Members in ICC than Other Placements.

3. ICC pays INSTANTLY Through MOBILE MONEY of any Country or Visa/Mastercard. Other Placements Pay After A Week Or On A Particular Week Day.

4. ICC doesn't Have A Withdrawal Limit. You Can Withdrawal Any Amount. Most Kenyan Placements got A Withdrawal Limit.


*What is it about.?*

It's an affiliate networking company without any tangible products that seeks to provide an alternative source of income for Ugandans and kenya

 We do forex and crypto trading which fetches us money to pay our affiliates.

*Is it apyramid scheme?*


No Telecom company can partner with crooks or thugs.

*How long will it pay?*

It is here to stay so just join and we make money.

*How much does it require to join?*

Only 123,000ugx or 3,527kes one time off, with no targets no renewals no monthly fees.

*Why does it require me to invest money yet am looking for money?*

It takes money to make money.

It can never be legit if it's free.

You would not also consider it to be real!

*If I join what happens?*

Since I said it's affiliate programming so you'll get paid when you are active in the system and when you bring in other people

*How much will I be paid?*

You'll be paid 30000/- or 860kes on your first person and second then from your 3rd person you'll earn 85000/- 2,436kes till infinity or till you stop recruiting.

You also earn 55,000/- or 1,576kes from every first person two sponsored by your downlines till infinity. 

*Are you trying to make money from me?*

No, Am trying to make money with you.

*How do I get my commissions?*

Upon request from the Instant crypto cashers site direct to your Airtel/Mtn mobile money instantly.

*How do I join?*

Ask a sponsor name from a person who invited you

*How do I pay the 123,000/= or 3,527kes*

After registration on the site, a new page asking you.

Enter anumber you're paying from?

Then enter the number which has mobile money in it and press next anew popup requesting you to put your PIN number will appear and once you're done.

Your account will be activated immediately.

*Does the money I send go to anyone?*

It goes directly to the company's account directly and then distributes to the liable people. 

Its a networking business but an easier one to do.

Here's how it works when you join.

Once your acct is active, you're only required to 

�bring in atlist 3 people directly below u

But you can refferal many as you can

The company instantly pays u

�30000/- or 860kes on the first

�30000/- or 860kes on the second 

�85000/- or 2,436kes 0n your third

Total earned from your fast 3 is 145,000/- or 

 It clearly means Registration is free...

But activation of your account such that u become a fully registered member costs a one time members hop fee of 123,000/- or 3,527kes

As reminder, all payments are made through

�mtn mobile money


�Airtel money and mpesa

The Choice is yours.




10×85,000/- =850,000/- (10x 2,436kes = 24360kes

And if each of these guys passed their first to you

You would earn more

10×55,000/- =555,000/= (10x1,576kes =15,760kes)

Total earned in a week=1,405,000ugx or 40,120kes The little we get we shall even be giving back to the communities.

Once you're ready let me know so that I can help you do the registration as well 


Join us today

and See You At the Top.

5. We Do Not Depend On Kenyans Only For Referrals. We Have A WELL LAID MARKETING strategy targeting International Targets. Most Placements In Kenya fail Because The Only Platform Their Members Can Get New Clients is Thru Facebook Buy and sell Groups.

6. Most placements in Kenya Sell Supplements Or Digital Products That People DO NOT NECESSARILY need. At Icc we dont Have Tangible products....Our Business is Currency and People.

 The Benefits Are Many. Very Many

This article was published on 12.02.2018 by Lynn Keya
Author's business opportunity:

Instant Crypto Cashers - Cash back, 31 USD to join

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