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Emulate The Wise Man And Build Your Business On The Rock

Emulate the wise man and build your business upon the rock.

Remember the wise man?

When the storms hit, he wasn’t worried at all. He knew his foundation was built on bedrock. An unshakeable platform that would withstand any disaster, man-made or natural.

The foolish man, being less astute, built his business on the sand. He fell for the ‘Goo-Rue Of The Week’ and ‘What’s Working Now!’ Then he proceeded to lay out his plan for building on the shaky ground of marketing smoke and mirrors.

When the storms came, as they always do, the wise man simply bulldozed the wreckage from his foundation and proceeded to build anew.

The foolish marketer was finished. Not only was his entire budding empire laid to waste, he had no solid ground to build on. He had to search for another spot. And, like most who went before him, he again fell into the same trap of latching onto the nearest ‘Next Big Thing!’ and proceeded to set himself up for a future calamity.

If you’re like most, you’ve already built on shaky ground like the foolish marketer. 

But how could you know? Most of the garbage online about how to market or build a business is sheer nonsense. Expensive methods to fail.

Lucky for you, you’ve stumbled upon my scribblings.

I’ve been around this game for more than 15 years. I’m not a cash millionaire (yet) but I’ve had my ups and downs. Most of them caused by my lack of knowledge about the fundamentals. The basics of building a solid online gig.

I’ve got a firm grip on them now.

After completely tearing my business down, and then dismantling it piece by piece, I’ve figured out a few things that would’ve saved me bunches of time and treasure. 

And I’m not only going to share them with you. I’m going to walk you through the entire process. 

This first installment has but one purpose. To impress upon you the critical nature of what we’re going to talk about. 

I say talk about because you’re welcome to shoot me an email and comment or ask a question about anything I say. I want to make sure that anyone coming down this path in the future has the best possible chance to get what they want out of it.

The first objective in your journey to online riches is The 7 Steps To Freedom. 

This course has done more to change my thinking about and framing of my online business than any other course I’ve taken. Don’t underestimate it’s power to begin the reprogramming of your mind. 

The first Step is The Foundation.

I’ll cover it in the next post.

Venture Boldly.
Dave Kotecki
The Marketing Mechanic

Questions? Shoot me a text @ 800-925-7123.

Prefer email? Send to 

This article was published on 17.08.2021 by Dave Kotecki
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