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Tapestri, the free app that pays!!

HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THE FREE APP THAT PAYS?- There are two main level of earnings. Free user - as a free user you download the App, keep location on and you will see your earnings potential/goal for that month. When you share the App from your invite a friend feature once they download the App and keep location on as well you will be eligible to earn $1 off each friend.

Second level of earnings :(optional)Affiliate(only way persons outside of the United States can join currently)- As an affiliate you pay an admin fee of $10 get the same earnings as the regular free user but you also get a back office and you are able to earn when the friends you share the App to also share the App. So in this example you tell ten persons you are eligible for $10, but when those ten tell ten you are also eligible for an extra $100. In both scenarios you can stop sharing the App after ten persons and as long as they remain active your income remains active month after month.

The go-live launch date in the USA will be announced with a minimum of 72 hour notice to all affiliates before the official launch. 

The Founders Promo of $9.95 remains active until the day the app is officially launched. We are very close so be sure to follow up with all inactive affiliates and prospect affiliates and give them one opportunity to become a founding member and get 12 month admin fees waived by activating BEFORE the app goes live.

This is a super easy icebreaker that you can use. You create a story as a poll like the one below.

"If there was a FREE app that paid you for having it on your phone, would you download it?"

When people answer, you'll be able to click on them to message them with the poll pinned inside the message. The response I've been using is the same no matter what they answer:

Thanks for your response to my poll. I'm gathering feedback on what would make someone hesitant to register for this free app I've been promoting. If you don't mind, could you tell me what objections immediately popped into your head after reading that question?

This response has 2 purposes. 1. You get them to give you their objections upfront, so that you can quickly dispel them. 2. You shift the conversation so that it becomes about them by letting them know you value their opinion.

Today is the day to push. Save some people some money with the awesome founding affiliate promotion before it expires this week. Good luck everyone. 

This article was published on 04.09.2021 by Sean Lynch
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Tapestri, the free app that pays - Affiliate marketing, 9.95 USD to join

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