Get In, Get Wine, Get Social With The Biggest Party In Network Marketing

Are you tired of hearing network marketers giving you their pitch, getting you all hopped on emotions, only to find out once you join their opportunity, you struggle to make even a half decent income?  Potions, lotions, and magical grass are simply not cutting it in the network marketing world.  Customers are not necessarily running to you to buy your product, especially if you are in a market where people are already stuck on particular brands (ie. creams, nutritional supplements).  People in these companies put themselves in a hole right away because if you struggle to increase your customer base, you are out of your initial investment, but also stuck with a product that does not sell, and people often find themselves regretting the decision to join just as fast as they signed up.  

My job is not to try to convince anyone about the opportunity I am presenting.  About 99% of the people who signed up for MLM Gateway are looking to promote their business to others, in order to gain reps/ distributors.  What I am attempting to do is to give a couple subjective reasons as to why the opportunity I am presenting below is growing rapidly and why the people who join are becoming successful.

Direct Cellars Elite Wine Club is exactly how it sounds.... A Wine Club!

Just like any wine club, members will receive a different variety of wines, hand selected by the Direct Cellar wine experts.  But here's the bonus.... Direct Cellars ships 4 bottles of wine your house, for free.  No more late night running around to grab a bottle of wine, and no more running to your nearest wine club to see if they can bail you out.... because as a member, you will already have it!

As a Direct Cellars Wine Club member, there is absolutely no selling of any wine involved.  The wine is simply yours to enjoy, or to present to others to learn more about the amazing opportunity that Direct Cellars offers to you.  No more running around, looking for customers to try to pitch your products to which means no more losing relationships, both business and friendship.   No more coming off as an aggressive salesman/ woman, simply because.... Wine sells itself!  It's the most non-threatening sales product in the industry.  Either people drink wine, or don't, or know many people that do.  It is a much, much easier to invite a group of people over to the house for a wine tasting party, than it is to pitch hand creams and such.  If people drink wine, they will automatically open themselves up to you to learn more about the wine and where it comes from.  With wine, it is always a party!

Just like any other MLM, there is an initial investment.  These investments are the memberships that Direct Cellars offers.  The basic membership is a one-time payment of $249.99, which will get you 4 bottles of wine, sent to your house right away, and a $79.99 auto-ship every month, which will get you 4 more bottles of wine.  There are also perks, and bonuses for this membership.  

The second membership is our ELITE membership, which costs a one-time fee of $499.99, which will get you 12 bottles of wine initially, and also a $79.99 auto-ship every month, which will also get you 4 bottles of wine shipped to you every month.  

Members are able to receive a weekly check when they refer new members.  Dependent on which membership they sign up as, you will receive half of their initial investment. Sign someone up as a basic, you receive $125.00 the next week, $250 with the ELITE.  You will also receive up to 20% weekly and monthly commissions.

It is the biggest party in the Network Marketing world!  There have been millions of successful network marketers who struggled with other MLM's who are making a substantial weekly and monthly income with Direct Cellars.  Which I find amazing considering, it's only be an official MLM for 5 months!  Don't let that deter you though.... thousands all across America have joined since!

Direct Cellars Introduction Video [Click the Link to watch the introduction video, roughly 2 mins. long]

If this opportunity sounds interesting to you, or you would like to know more information, please message me directly via this post, or give me a call directly at 980-288-8494.  I would love to tell you more about the great and wonderful things we at Direct Cellars are doing!

This article was published on 26.11.2016 by Tyler Biegerl
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