Join our Tirus team for 10$ only

We propose a project accessible to all and in all countries! 

The company Tirus is your financial independence !!! 

Here everyone wins! 

Presentation of the concept here : 

Earnings from nine directions: 

1. Marketing

2. Exchanger.

3. Freelance platform.

4. Accommodation in Moscow

5. Housing in Dubai (coming soon!)

6. Casino.

7. Vk-Lab.

8. Messenger.

9. Health products. (soon)

Start with only $ 10 

Available platforms for the moment : Perfect Money (soon BTC and ADVCASH)

Available in all countries and Accessible to all 

We work as a team! 

TIRUS is already a huge business in some countries of the world. 

You can earn up to $ 72,000 and more as well as intermediate earnings 

✅ Available for all countries 



How works :

We have 4 Licenses : 

1 - Easy 10 $

2 - Medium $ 50

3 - Hard 100 $

4 - Grand 1000 $

Each of these licenses runs on 10 business rings and evolves in pairs, generating a cycle: 

- Pair 1 = rings 1-2 

- Pair 2 = rings 3-4

- Pair 3 = rings 5-6

- Pair 4 = rings 7-8

- Pair 5 = rings 9-10

By switching from one pair to another, we get a good reward, and our income becomes constant in the second pass, then we start again and again with their well-established marketing strategy.

The 4 Licenses work the same way. 

To start, we can only do it with the $ 10 EASY License. 

We pay $ 10 for our first ring and nothing else. 

We can not go to MEDIUM without going through EASY and ditto for HARD without going through MEDIUM.

So in summary, you must have completed cycle 2 in EASY to qualify for the License to MEDIUM.

1 business ring is built on 4 positions + our

Once our 4 positions are completed,

we receive $ 30 from the 1st ring that we use to take position in the 2nd ring.

When the 2nd ring is filled, we start collecting money, a sum of $ 90 of which $ 50 goes to ring 3, $ 10 is used to reposition us to ring 1 and the remaining $ 30, we can recover them.

After the first $ 90 gain on ring 2, which is distributed as indicated above, we will receive $ 90 again and again for ring 2, but each time $ 10 will be deducted to reposition us at ring 1 and the remaining $ 80 we can recover them and this infinitely . 

The more we advance in the rings and the more the premiums are important.

The mission, once registered with the Easy license is to sponsor at least 2 partners who will be active in turn and will duplicate.

If everyone plays the game, everyone is moving forward

To register with Tirus, use one of these links:

Your mission when you are ACTIVE is to sponsor 2 referrals personally at least.

You can sponsor several referrals

It's a real team work !!

Your referrals will do the same as you, registration at tirus, pay the license "EASY" at $ 10 especially sponsor at least 2 godchildren.

Everyone is doing the same thing on the team and we are advancing very quickly.

This article was published on 08.07.2019 by Christophe Theresin
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