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iGenius- Financial literacy products

Our missions is to empower those who intentionally want to have a better relationship with money. Where they master how to make, manage and multiply their finances.

 As an independent you will be in Charge of expansion for a financial literacy, the only one in Network marketing. A company that educates people how to make, manage and multiply their money.

Of note ARE THE BIGGEST MISTAKES people make in their lives. In our 20s we do not start to invest earlier or, in our 30s we do not build new income streams to cater for increased expenses. In our 40s not paying off debts and in our 50s not saving enough for retirement. 

This is where iGenius comes in to help you create multiple streams of income nomatter where you are in life, which is a fact to becoming and creating wealth for yourself and generations to come. Technology is disrupting the way we see money, exchange, invest and spend money, as if the subject of money was not complicated enough. The financial market and traditional investing methods have also changed and keeping up is now more of a chore. BUT these changes have created massive opportunities for those willing to embrace new technologies, learn new skills and adopt new ways of thinking.

IGenius has a solution for anyone who is open to improving their relationship with money and anhancing their lifestyle regardless of your financial background, culture or education. The platforms helps you to live smarter using cutting edge technologies creating opportunities, information and tools, Rather than relying on old and outdated system that are in place that are not open to everyone. The products help YOU to embrace new systems and capitalise on change.

IGenius is owned by a publicly traded company called Investview, which gives iGenius unique opportunities and  total transparency. The Educational platforms, Learnlive, MoneyPro and University gives access to live and recorded sessions so that you can understand the financial markets. In addition to these important educational products iGenius gives you the tools to start investing in the financial markets on YOUR OWN. 

Trading on the financial market can be intimadating but it can also be fun. So how does it work and where do you start? There are three financial markets iGenius focuses on , FOREX, CRYPTO and EQUITIES markets. The different products give you the opportunity to learn from industry experts from the basics and continued learning through learnLive and pre recorded sessions. To top it all off these same experts will analyse the market for you and with you and send trading/investing ideas into the financial market. If there are any changes you need to cater for you are also informed through the different instant communication channels available.

This article was published on 16.10.2022 by Darlington Chinyadza
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iGenius - Financial Literacy, 99 USD to join
To empower those who intentionally want to have a better relationship with money. Where they master how to make,manage & multiply their finances.

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