NOPA VIDA - Finally an Opportunity for the Little Guy!

Nopa Vida Was Definitely Create for the Little Guy as an International Opportunity!

There are 3 major reasons Nopa Vida caught my eye and Made me a Huge Believer!

1. Compensation Plan for the Little Guy

The Compensation Plan can be as lucrative as you want it to be by working and creating sales and bringing people into the program.  It is a simple 3 X 5 Forced Matrix that will create a $5,000 a month income which would bless 99.9% of Families Lives throughout the World.  But the Compensation Plan gets Even Better for those who want to promote and create a real Business for themself as you bring more people into the program you will receive a bonus of a 10% match on each of your personal Signups-- this alone could be quite lucrative and become much more than the matrix pay.  If you are new to network marketing or have a hard time recruiting you can still make an awesome profit each Month through this Forced Matrix.  All this for a $10 fee to join

2. Product that is Affordable and the Highest Quality on the Market

NopaMax is our Flagship product and is the Highest Quality Product of its kind on the Market.   It has Health benefits for Diabetics, High Blood Pressure, Low Energy, Increases Energy, Improved Circulation, reduces swelling, Joint Health , A must for Athletes.  Dr. Oz even endorses the use of this Natural Product for Diabetics.  The affordability is second to None in this industry!   To Join is Only $10 which we have a Feeder program where you will be receiving Free Product in No Time with just a few people placed under you whether by yourself or your Team above you.  And there is no shipping fee within the USA and just a small shipping Fee to our International Partners.

3. Real Team Building and Cooperation and Not Competition with each other

Most Network Marketing companies everyone is competing for new Affiliates and Partners to join with them. With Nopa Vida we are all working together to put people into our 3 X 5 Forced Matrix Program which benefits us all.  It only takes about 360 people to fill our Matrix to make a Monthly Income of about $5,000.  It doesn't matter if I place them under you or you place them under you or Mary does you will get paid the same amount in our Forced Matrix.  It is Ingenious especially for those New to Network Marketing or those who struggle to recruit. This truly is an Opportunity for the Little Guy.  Part of our Team Building is helping you signup your own personals by training you and actually doing some advertising for you!

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This article was published on 31.10.2016 by Jeff W
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