Concentrate on building one business to avoid distractions

Proverbs 3:9 - "Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the firstfruits of all your crops;"

As I have learned from leaders in network marketing over time, I have developed a deep passion for the profession because of what it can ultimately provide for people and their families when done the right way.

Part of what I have learned through network marketing is that focus is so very important.  Focus on the plan that we have and work it daily.  If our plan needs to change occasionally, that's fine, but stay focused as we work our business each day.

I have learned that different people build in different ways.  There should be a simple plan to follow through your specific company, and my company has that, but there are still different approaches beyond that.

Don't let yourself get discouraged for long as you focus and work hard.  Taking action of some kind is the best way to beat discouragement.  Look back at the end of the day and at least know that you took action and learned something.  

As Eric Worre says, everything we do is a learning experience.  Keep the things that are working for us.

I have heard leader after leader say that the top earners and other highly successful leaders focus on one company.  It is very hard to try to build more than one income stream, all at the same time.  Even if you do, it may not be duplicatable for your team.   It just gets tricky.

Distractions are success killers.  We all get distracted on a daily basis and have to refocus on purpose.

Many people try more than one company before settling in on the one that fits them the best.  I did as well.  Now, having said that, I go back to something I heard from Ray Higdon that I believe is true.

It is ok to be a customer with more than one company but focus on building only one business in one company.  I am a customer in a former company myself as I build in the one I settled on.  It's no different than continuing to be a customer in a brick and mortar store where you were formerly an employee or possibly an owner.  If you still like the products, you should use them.

This perpetuates the network marketing profession, since at the core of network marketing we are moving products to the end consumer by word of mouth advertising.  That is the bottom line and the beauty of network marketing.

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Scott Moore

This article was published on 26.01.2017 by Scott Moore
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