Team Build Club Launches Project 1. Time to get onboard.

Hey everybody, time for a quick Team Build Club update. Hope you are all keeping well.

This business announcement is about Team Build Club’s first external opportunity named for the moment as Project 1. I know very James Bond and cloak and dagger. But stay with me and I’ll try to enlighten you further.

Like a lot of other people I joined Team Build Club for the 200 free business marketer leads that everybody gets in the first couple of days. That was how it was pitched to me so I thought why not ? You can claim your free 200 leads right now by CLICKING HERE. You can contact these like minded people with your other opportunities.

However once onboard I digested what was on offer and what TBC was actually about. It offered great online training even to free members. That’s cool. But you could also upgrade to varies levels for a one time payment of between €25 and €500. This gave you more training, a further 200 PAID MEMBERS in your downline, and a chance for a monthly passive payout on the Gold and above membership. I chose Gold at €100 as it suited me.

Now every month I receive a payout from the Gold Passive Pool. FOR DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

But I saw that there was more to it. The concept behind TBC is to build your downline for future opportunities. And in the interest of fairness you are placed in the order you join/upgrade. Now here is the interesting bit.

At the time of writing this there are 28015 free members, 990 basic members and 215 silver members in my downline. Total 29220 members in my downline. The basic members paid €25 and the silver members paid €50.

Why is this important to me ? And why should you be interested ? The answer is Project 1. On the 10th of December 2021 it went into Pre-Launch. All we know is it has never been done before and only costs 20 EUROS to get involved and lock in your position. I went into this on the day it went live. Why ???

I am taking a ( very small ) punt. As I am at the Gold position everyone of the members mentioned above are below me in the system. MY DOWNLINE. Now the new business Project 1 is a forced matrix model which as we all know creates SPILLOVER. And if on launch day just 1% of the members who shown above join Project 1 I will have nearly 300 paid team members in my downline. For a €20 outlay. This you need to look at yourself.

You can join my TBC downline for free today. You can get 200 free leads. And you can do nothing. Or you can stay a free member and join Project 1 and lock your place in for launch. Or you can be smart and upgrade for as little as €25.00 first and JUMP OVER ALL THE FREE MEMBERS ( all 28015 of them ) and see where this takes you.

Is this the BIG ONE ? Maybe. Who knows ? But the initial step will cost you absolutely nothing to evaluate both opportunities. Or you can do nothing of course. Go on get your free 200 leads and take a look. CLICK HERE.

This article was published on 14.12.2021 by Roy Hale
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