Groovefunnels- The Last Online Sales System You'll Ever Need.

If you sell products online, you know that it can get difficult to set up a fully functional platform that can seamlessly support all the business operations. It's also time-consuming because selling your product and creating a sales funnel to support your transactions requires a variety of tools.


As a result, new online businesses face multiple technological challenges before the digital product is ready to compete in the virtual world. For instance, website owners regularly deal with glitches when trying to incorporate a new tool on their website. Similarly, third-party software often causes the entire website to behave erratically because the software is not tested to work with the default platform.

To solve such problems, digital companies such as builderall, clickfunnels, funnel builder, landing builder, and leadpages have tried to provide similar business tools; however, none of them have achieved what Groovefunnels claims to offer.

What is Groovefunnels?

It is a groundbreaking e-commerce setup and a digital marketing platform. It offers online sellers a simple and powerful platform to create websites, sell products, market products, offer customer support, and much more. Unlike some of the similar platforms in the market, you will get 16 tools that will likely fulfill all your requirements to sell online without the need to look elsewhere.

If you're not good at marketing, you can use it to easily create sales funnels. If you're a marketer, it will automatically take care of your marketing leads.

In addition, this all-in-one solution allows website owners a complete sales system that includes a free domain, free branded websites, custom domains, free hosting, bandwidth, behavioral email marketing, free mailbox, affiliate program, 1-click upsells, and tons of other great features.

The deal sweetens further because they are offering the world's most powerful sale suite free of cost. For a limited time, you will get all the features and updates free for a lifetime. Interestingly, you don't require a credit card to get the deal. Fill in a couple of basic details on their website and receive this lifetime membership free of cost.

Free membership for all these great features may seem too good to be true but it makes sense because this is a relatively new product and the developers are continuously adding new features. In fact, giving freebies to new users is the hallmark of million-dollar projects oversees by Mike Filsaime.

The constant buzz generated by the company has already created a very strong community of more than 100,000 users who actively seek expert advice on the community forum. The founders aim to attract millions of new followers in the coming months. Therefore, it doesn't hurt to visit the website and grab a free spot before they're gone.

What will you get?

When signing up for the offer, you will get full access to 16 powerful applications that make up the entire suite. Your free lifetime account includes instant access to the platform to create a fully functional website from A to Z without the need to look for any other third-party software.

Here is a complete list:

• GroovePages

• GrooveSell

• GrooveMail

• GrooveAutomations

• GrooveAffiliate

• GrooveMember

• GrooveVideo

• GrooveProof

• GrooveDesk

• GrooveCalendar

• GrooveSurvey

• GrooveKart

• GrooveWebinars Live

• GrooveWebinars Automated

• GrooveStreaming Live

• GrooveStreaming Automated

Among these, GroovePages and GrooveSell are the primary components of the suite. As of writing, these two apps are the mainstay of the platform because they will allow you to create an instant website and provide all the tools necessary to sell your digital products and services.

Here is a brief overview of their most popular apps that you get free of cost after signing up for the account.

GroovePages: It is a drag-and-drop interface, which allows users to create powerful and stunning websites in a matter of minutes. You don't require any technical know-how or programming knowledge to host and run your website on this platform. Website owners can build and customize their website however they need. Everything from writing a text to creating landing pages and creating forms is super easy. Use pre-made templates to generate stunning websites in a matter of minutes.

GrooveSell: As the name suggests, GrooveSell is focused on selling your product to the customer. Once you've created an impressive website, this app will help you take payments, create subscription plans, manage membership, and plenty of other features. Besides selling, the app is super useful when working with landing pages because it will automatically allow you to up-sell, cross-sell, down-sell, and bumps. In simple words, it acts as your marketing agent making sure that your website visitors are converted into customers. It even allows you to create promotional events and shows all the activities in an easy-to-understand graphical format.

GrooveMail: The user-friendly interface, beautiful design, and powerful features of this mailing software allow website owners to generate automated email lists, auto-responders, and behavioral targeting metrics. You can also use a variety of useful newsletters and templates to send emails. To provide interactive elements to amaze your audience, you can use this app with GrooveVideo, GrooveCalendar, and GrooveWebinar. Website owners can also integrate Google Analytics to get additional insights. Overall, an admin can send approximately 300,000 emails per month without spending extra bucks.

GrooveAffiliate: Giving something as attractive as 16 Groove apps free of cost is definitely going to entice a lot of people. If you're an affiliate marketer the high conversion rate is a huge benefit to anyone looking to make extra dollars. The Affiliate dashboard helps market the product using a variety of methods that includes email swipes, affiliate links, social media posts, and Facebook ads.

By referring a customer to their website, you will get a 20% commission on sales. If you want to get even higher commissions, a paid account will fetch 40% commissions. They also provide additional income sources by offering up to 10% commission through 2nd-tier offers, which means that you get paid whenever your referral gets a commission.

What distinguishes Groovefunnels from the other platforms in the market?


Despite the fact that you can select thousands of other e-commerce platforms, the platform distinguishes itself by offering a one-of-a-kind suite that will allow users to create an e-commerce website, market their products to the audience, and manage the entire sales cycle. In comparison, most online platforms such as landing builder, funnel builder, groovekart, leadpages, builderall, and clickfunnels do not offer such extensive features.

Besides, each individual app offers a super-rich environment full of practical choices. It means that you don't need to subscribe to multiple platforms because each of these apps offers a powerful stand-alone environment In short, subscribers will get everything under one roof without relying on other third-party tools.

The benefits are greatly enhanced by the "free offer" because it allows you to get these apps free of cost, which otherwise may cost a couple of hundred dollars. Even if it were not free, the integration of multiple powerful apps in a single platform is a powerful incentive for e-commerce website owners.


Despite a variety of great features, the project is in its early stages. It means that there are still many features that are in development peocess. While there is no doubt that the platform functions as advertised, but you need to be patient if there are any glitches.

As the developers continue to get feedback and improve certain aspects, users may get numerous updates that can sometimes prove frustrating. Regardless of the nuisance, this is a practical aspect of any well-rounded app as it goes through development. Still, it's not a Beta stage, which means that you can run your e-commerce business without worrying about rollbacks.

The Team

When you signup for the platform, you know that you're in great hands. The digital marketing platform is the brainchild of Mike Filsaime, who is also known as the Micheal Jordan of Internet Marketing. He has helped more brands with a $1 Million launches than any other person in Internet history.

In 2009, Mike wrote about the concept of Marketing Funnels. The concept is adapted by leading marketers in the world and it is also the foundation of this unique project. Since early 2000, he has also helped leading brands achieve $150 Million in sales. If you believe in the reputation, there is perhaps noone better to oversee the project than Mike.

Is it for you?

This is an opportunity for anyone who wants to build a fully-functional e-commerce business without paying and integrating multiple third-party tools. While you may get occasional surprises due to new updates, this is among the most powerful one-in-all e-commerce solutions on the Internet. There is no harm in subscribing to this wonderful tool while it's still free of cost.

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