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Hello everyone my name is Moses Akeri a Licensed Life Insurance Agent from Nashville, TN. I'm currently recruiting Licensed or Non-Licensed Agents and if anyone wants to get coverage. Were not just here selling insurance, annuities, etc. We're here to build entrepreneurs and you'll get a chance to become successful in life. I heard all the remarks and it's not new. One remark is " What are trying to sell me?" My response is nothing why would I try to sell you something when I'm giving you an opportunity to make a lot of income and change your circumstances. I'm not here to sell dreams or scam no one. Tell you a little bit about myself I was scammed about 1k because of the lack of trust I had with my Father I was working in Tyson INC. and its the first job I've had but I was scammed way before I lost my money I paid 600$ a rent and my paycheck was about 400-500$. I wanted to be a College basketball player since I played one sport and that's another story. I went to my first basketball tryout one at age 20. I didn't tell anyone because my family doubted my talent. A big mistake I left a note but it didn't help my family thought I got kidnap. Well, I try to go to a second in Knoxville, TN since the first one is unsuccessful, I told my family I needed to go to this one. I wanted to go to work first then go at night well my dad said he will drop me off. Well no he lied and drop me off and my mom's house. It devasted me I felt betrayed I was mad and I never thought of money the same ever again. Now my family didn't follow the rules on how to stop a scam victim from being scammed. I kept sending my money to someone who faked belief in me and I was hurt and you getting revenge from your parents doesn't work out most of the time but my dad was telling the truth and that was the only time I regret not listening to him and I don't care I lost that much I cared about my Uncle, Dad, and I started wrestling and made family chaos. I try not to create family issues but they don't see me as a successful person and that's fine. What I'm saying is I invite you to our webinars because we all have been through the worst and we focus on that your life matters not car insurance, home insurance, etc. Also phone bills, property taxes what about you because that won't matter at the end of the day when you are close to death. Learn from experts who made passive income or retire with enough money in your retirement. I'll put 1 link one for the webinar today and our convention. It doesn't matter what industry you're in we had Realtors and Businesses make more money than their high-paying job. Here is our PFA 2021 convention

This article was published on 19.10.2021 by Moses Akeri
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