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Each Instant Is An Opportunity.

Your life is like an unending string of moments, waiting to be grabbed and utilized. Each step you take is a movement towards one of your goals. During your progression, you should be pausing for periods to rest and reflect on your life and advancements. Your life is full of possibilities.  

Each new obstacle you will encounter is a test of current abilities that grants you the ability to polish more unique skills. Rather than looking at barriers as impediments to your progress, View these obstacles as challenges you can guide you to advancement--Remember, Always accept new challenges.  

Oh yes, it is essential to note that when you have less stressful days, these are times to reflect on your progress, and it is time to reflect on the positive things you have accomplished. It helps if you always were searching and seeking, developing your goals and plans for the future.     

You should make it a point to identify challenges that appear difficult as the opportune time to take a step back and re-focus. When you do this, you gain perspective. And a newer view is so essential when dealing with difficult challenges. These step backs allow you to see the whole issue in a different light. A light that expands your vision to develop new strategies and opens a renewed resolve in tackling your objective.    

It would help if you planned to make connections between opportunities that will be open to you today. I believe every moment in our lives is connected to other moments. Also, each opportunity in your life is associated with other people. That is why it's essential to see and understand these connections.  

Here is some self-reflection question I'd like to share as it relating to focusing on opportunities. 


1. How should I maintain focus with so many opportunities all around me?

2. How should I prioritize and or rank the potential of an opportunity when it is presented?

3. What is the best time of day for me to catalog, schedule, or organize? 

In closing, Indeed, opportunities are all around you. If you are in business and an entrepreneur, you are well aware of that. And sometimes, when you step back, you will realize that something is missing in your life and your business-- something is out of balance. I want to help you unlock the secret to finding that balance. 

 Join me on a 5-Day Freedom Challenge where mindsets begin to shift!

This article was published on 14.01.2021 by Mark A. Thomas
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