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Why on Earth would you put a join button on your business announcement?

Do Fortune 500 companies place an ad in the paper for CEOs and senior vice presidents or corporate officers for 6 & 7 figure annual salaries, and then give them to the first person who walks in and fills out an application?

You're only creating disappointment for yourself and the people who join you when you fail to make certain someone is qualified to actually be in business for themselves and with you.

I'll give you an example:

Someone who joined my team over a year ago told me they don't like to read books.

I told them flat-out- you if you're not willing to read books on personal growth and business, then this is not for you.

After I said this, the person basically begged me to let him join. So I let him join my team and I gave him the 1st book to read and it took him six months to read a book that should have taken him 6 days.

As a sponsor you need them engaged completely in the process of learning about this business. It also isn't fair to them if I mislead them and tell them they can join me and neglect their own personal development. It's just bad business. Giving someone an assignment to do that doesn't cost them anything and actually teaches them this business other than just promoting the business will give you as their upline a wealth of information about their commitment level and willingness to learn.

That's the only type of person that you want.

That is the only person whom I will take anymore. I don't want people to sign up with me on the first contact. They will be out within a week. Impulsiveness is not a good character trait in this type of business. You want someone who's measured and committed not impulsive and Flaky. People who quickly decide to start the business usually decide just as quickly to quit the business. It just isn't a good strategy for long-term growth.

If you are ever going to excel in this business you need more than one arrow in your quiver. That phrase may be lost on some people, but you can Google it.

If you fail to listen to people and craft a message that appeals to their self interest,  you can't attain the level of success you desire in this business because you won't be able to help them.

Are you  a network marketer?


Are you in a marketing network?

Because there is a huge difference between being a networker first or marketer first.

GOOD Network marketers build people. GOOD Marketers build websites and discover ways to promote them through the use of very questionable, costly, and time consuming methods.

Networking is always going to be the primary success factor for you.


People can buy comparable products from anyone. You must give them a compelling reason to buy them from you. Having a product with zero competitors provides you with a unique selling position you can't find in most companies.

I've written about this at length in a previous announcement, I highly recommend you read it:

Residual income is the byproduct of 3 kinds of loyalty:

Loyalty to a product

Loyalty to a company

Loyalty to a sponsor or an upline leader

Without those three key elements working in harmony with each other you will never build or sustain a long-term asset income in this industry.

It is one of the nuances of this business that most people will never learn. Most people believe this is a simple business that boils down to the math of geometric progression of 3x3 or 4x4 or even worse 2x2. Every MLM company can claim that but few deliver on the promise of a leveraged organization with thousands of distributors for the average person.

It's also about the psychological variables that reside within your mind and your prospect’s mind. It takes years to unravel and if you don't have a mentor you will most likely never crack the code.

But...In the old days it took way too much time and speculation to accomplish this.

When you treat your network marketing business like a hobby you don't get an income you only have an expensive Hobby. You spend way too much money on ancillary marketing junk and then run a deficit which you can only sustained for a short period of time and then quit.

I can show you the best plan for profitability and long term residual income I've ever seen that you can use at no cost to build a living breathing organization  of committed networkers who have no reason to quit.

If you want to see a workable 4 year plan to reach a "quit your job"  income  level possibly  work with me send me a connection request.

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This article was published on 20.08.2019 by Kevin Harrison
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