Promo I have ever done for the TBC community! It is just for the calendar month of August 2019, and I may even have to cut it short! So, don’t just read this article, STUDY IT CAREFULLY to pick up all of the details.

Let me introduce YOU to Admin Credits!!! They kind of work like Bulk Payment Credits, only they are FREE!!! The purpose of these Admin Credits are to speed up TBC Community Growth! This Promo will be like pressing a NOS Button in a Race Car.

Are YOU ready for this? Here is what YOU can do with Admin Credits. YOU can use them to pay the Admin Fee of YOUR New Referrals. So, YOU can’t use them for one of YOUR Inactive Referrals, if YOUR Referral has ever paid the Admin Fee, then they are NOT New! If they registered for a KCBO, but NEVER paid the Admin Fee, then they are New and YOU can use these Admin Credits on them, even if they registered years ago. They are especially New if YOU are just now within the Month of August signing them up. So, I hope this is very clear, these are for New and NOT for Old Referrals. So obviously, YOU can’t use these Admin Credits to pay for YOUR own KCBO account, right?

So now YOU are asking: “How to get these Admin Credits?” Well, YOU can’t get them now because it is NOT August, yet. Soon a Count-Down-Timer will show up in the Dashboard of KCBO, counting down to the first moment these Admin Credits will be available, on August 1st, 2019. When YOU pay YOUR Admin Fee within the calendar month of August, 2019, YOU will get 2 Admin Credits and YOU will be able to find them within the Account Drop-Down Menu inside of KCBO. YOU only get 2 Admin Credits, and these Admin Credits are NOT transferable to other TBC Members. YOU can only use them on YOUR personal referrals that are New, like I said before. There is NO WAY to get more than 2 of these Admin Credits during the month of August, even if YOU try to get more by prepaying for additional months for YOUR own KCBO, that won’t work. You might be saying: “I thought these are FREE, why do I have to pay my Admin Fee to get them?” YOUR KCBO account is NOT free, these Admin Credits are FREE. Bulk Payment Credits are NOT free either, YOU have to pay for each and every Bulk Payment Credit YOU get! It doesn’t matter how the Admin Fee gets paid within the month of August, it could be Bitcoin, or the other coin options, by Bulk Payment Credit, or using Bitcoin Bounties, and it even includes payment by Admin Credit, all payments will result in getting 2 Admin Credits within KCBO immediately.

This August Promo removes a great hindrance we have had within our growth in TBC, because some of our members or registered unpaid members are so poor that they can not afford to pay the Admin Fee out of pocket, and are not lucky enough to have a Sponsor that has the means to “Pay It Forward” for them and they have been missing out. When these New members come in they will also have 2 Admin Credits to use within their KCBO, and so will the ones below them as this grows exponentially to who knows what in the month of August! I might be thinking small if I believe a million New members will join TBC within the month of August as a result of this AMAZING PROMO! Because Admin Credits will breed Admin Credits exponentially. What if 100 members pay their Admin Fees on August 1st, and then without hindrance those New members will use the 2 Admin Credits the next day and it doubles the growth daily?

1st 100

2nd 200

3rd 400

4th 800

5th 1,600

6th 3,200

7th 6,400

8th 12,800

9th 25,600

10th 51,200

11th 102,400

12th 204,800

14th 409,600

… that is just the first 2 weeks of the Promo

Some have not paid the Admin Fee out of the fear they can not find 2 others to pay the fee too, and think they can not afford to pay the Admin Fee each month. Scarcity has a firm grip of these kind of people that think like that. But this August Promo can solve that concern completely! Everyone can afford FREE! And a whole tree with many branches can emerge throughout the month of August to assure these members that they will never have to worry about paying the Admin Fee again out of pocket because they have 2 referrals to cover it every month FOREVER! It completely solves that problem for them!

The ones that will be kicking themselves will be the ones that hesitated to pay the Admin Fee early during the month of August. The more days this tree of growth has to expand below them the more secure they will feel to pay the Admin Fee in September, knowing they have two others right below them that will happily pay the Admin Fee on time in September. Even if your KCBO account expiration date is late in the month of August, I’m making a case here that YOU should pay the Admin Fee as soon as possible and a very strong case to pay it on August 1st, to maximize how big of a tree of growth YOU can build below the people YOU will sign up within the month of August, 2019. You will want to maximize YOUR Passive Residual Income that comes as a result of the Bitcoin Bounties. Now to be clear, YOU will NOT get a Bitcoin Bounty when YOU use the Admin Credits, those were essentially Admin “Paying It Forward” for those and NO Bitcoin was exchanged to share half of it. So, don’t expect to get something out of nothing. Just be happy about this securing YOUR KCBO account forever and take full advantage of this offer by signing up as many people as YOU can within the month of August. Build up that Passive Residual Income as much as YOU can during the month of August. YOU will likely use up the 2 Admin Credits the same day YOU get them. Don’t let that stop YOU from building. Normally YOU have to show people the value of paying the Admin Fee out of pocket, but in this Promo it’s like having a 3 for 1 offer. They will pay their own Admin Fee, and they will have their account paid for plus two other accounts will be paid for from using these Admin Credits. It should make it even easier to convince people of the urgency to pay the Admin Fee as fast as they can, to take advantage of building a tree of growth below them. So, certainly don’t stop recruiting right after using both of YOUR Admin Credits. The GOOD NEWS is that when YOU do use these Admin Credits they will count as PAID Sign Ups for the Bitcoin Contest, so all of YOU should be able to show up on the Leadership board with at least 2!!!

Consider the impact this will have on Rapid Rewards, it will be so easy for all of the New members that sign up during the month of August to collect on both the 24 Hour as well as the 48 hour Rapid Rewards which will set them up to have 1.1 TBC. At today’s value, 1.1 TBC is worth of 10 Million Dollars!!! That alone should excite people to pay the Admin Fee if they have to, in order to capture the result of having 1.1 TBC by the time they redeem their Cookies! It all fits together nicely!

You will notice when YOU look at YOUR Referrals in the KCBO that the ones that YOU used the Admin Credits will show Admin Credit instead of Paid. So, it will be easy to read that, and help YOU remember who YOU used these Credits on.

Now as I mentioned at the beginning of this Article, they may be a situation that comes up where I will have to bring this August Promo to an abrupt end before we finish the month of August. One such situation would be, perhaps due to the hyper growth this Promo creates, these New members swarming in may be more susceptible to negativity infecting them because they have not been fortified by a full and complete knowledge about TBC that takes time to acquire. New members could overwhelm our TBC Leaders, and if they are negatively charged for any reason it could be dangerous to keep the hyper growth going all month long during the month of August. We don’t want to have a large negativity infection within our TBC community. So, encourage these New members to keep it positive all month long so I don’t have to put the brakes on this Promo. Also, if I think it will continue to help, I may even extend this Promo into the month of September. No doubt, August is going to be a very exciting month for the TBC Community. 

This article was published on 29.07.2019 by Ezem Chinwe
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