A year from now you could have wish you started today!

Over the years the majority of us normally earn more money but, can will afford more too?  Inflation is the magic taboo word that has prices for everything we need in our daily lives consistently raising. There are countries still struggling to come out of debt, where currency loses value and the individual citizens have less money in their pockets and can buy less as a result.

Now here is the solution, how to protect ourselves from global economy crisis and secure financial freedom for ourselves, children and future generation to come. Have you been considering investing in classic gold or putting your money into crypto like bitcoin, Ethereum?  Gold is a popular and secure investment that can beyond that be, exchanged for cash or used for payment at any time. In The course of digitalsation, there is a new possibility if you decide to invest in gold and not want to forgo the advantage of a cryptocurrency.  the karatbars, Karatgold, karatbit exchange and  k-merchant, KBC & KCB  are new ways of payment in a complete ecosystem. It is the only payment solution that is fully backed by gold and will always have value, each transaction is released only by consensus of the network Blockchain.  The CEO and founder of karatbars international  Dr Harald Size promise  by september the ATM, k Impluse smartphone voice over Blockchain, it mainnet start operation on it own Blockchain.

We need new affiliates in every town and city in 140 countries to sell cashgold, gold, phones, atms, kmerchant, the new digital stock exchange and any new products which go on our blockchain! 

That's ten's of thousands of affiliates that WILL be coming into this company over the next five years! They might as well be in your organisation. 

If you are new and want to get started all the information you need on how to start is in this video www.karatcrypto.com 

Packages start at €150 but if you can afford €4000 then check out this offer at www.karatcrypto.com/k1 which ends in two weeks time on 14th June! 

There never has been a better or easier time to start! Harald is doing everything except pay affiliates to join the company.

You can start as a €150 Bronze member today, sell 2 x 4k phone packages and you will earn €8000 of KCB coins, €800 in cash commission and become a VIP in the new incentive with the 640 incentive points you receive! (Plus another €3000 of KCB in the VIP Package) 

What other business can you start for €150 and do that in? 

This article was published on 14.07.2019 by Alex Basco
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