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Nexus Fundraiser - Build Massive Residual Income For You and Your Organization

Nexus is On a Mission to Help Us All Thrive

Nexus Rewards just launched a new division, Nexus Fundraiser.  The program is designed to help you and your charitable organization build a massive, sustainable residual income.

Thank God for Nexus Fundraiser: My goddaughter sent me an email. She is doing another fundraiser for her school's softball team.

Last week, my niece in Houston, Texas, wanted me to buy popcorn to support her kids' school's book drive.

 Another call from my good friend complaining about the cost of her heating bill and the price of eggs.

Of course, I can support and understand each issue. However, this time I had a quick and permanent solution for each of these issues. The solution comes from one company that I love and that actually does some good in this world. 

Nexus Creates Residual Income 

I joined the ****Good bandwagon, with the promise that I could earn over $2k without sponsoring anyone. I bought into the false promise. Even knowing that it was more out of laziness than necessity that I joined another company selling potions.

But no company that I have found addresses the massive problems that we see in the headlines.

Inflation is hurting women at the grocery store. Some are eating less in order to feed their families.

Gas prices are nearing $5 per gallon in California, again - KTLA


These headlines break my heart. My grandson drives for Uber, and my best friend, who still has children in

school, is suffering from the increase in basic necessities.

The good news is that Nexus Rewards has a solution for these issues. I know people have a tendency to run

toward the shiny objects when they choose a business venture, but when your very livelihood depends on your making the right decision, then Nexus is a clear choice.

Now the best part of the both Nexus companies Nexus Reward and the New Division Nexus Fundraiser is

that you can skip the small talk to get people into your Nexus world.

You really just have to share your information about "Never Pay Retail Again"

The complaints about the costs of food and gas, the constant fund-raisers that many charities must conduct

in order to meet their goals for the year.

You hold the answer to their problem in your hand. You are finally in charge. No more blind recruiting to find a fit for your business.

The world is literally your oyster. You don't have to recruit, convince, or cajole anybody anymore.


Some people are slow to understand the opportunities that are available right in front of their faces until,

outside influences make their lives and finances unmanageable. Inflation is eating away at the very core of the livelihoods of thousands of people. We can help, and for those who care about their own livelihood, you can earn a fortune helping your friends and neighbors make and save money with Nexus.

Friends and families complain about not having enough money to buy the basics.

A year ago, people would not even go and redeem their $30.00 free Rakuten cashback. They could also get an additional $30.00 for each referral they made. No commitment, No hassle, Just Money sent to their account. The only criteria is, you sign up for Rakuten, spend $30/00 at one of the 3500 stores available and we will send you $30.00 back?


Retrieve Your Rakuten Reward through my Nexus Reward Membership - You Can Join Free

Now, when they are looking at their PG&E bill that has almost doubled, they are ready to get that extra $300

 that is sent directly to their debit cards or bank accounts. Rakuten pays quarterly, but the money will help. whenever it comes.


Not only is Nexus Rewards helping thousands of people increase the size of their bank accounts, but now we can help worthy organizations raise funds on a consistent and recurring basis.

Nexus Fundraiser, a totally new division of Nexus Rewards, gives organizations a way to offer their supporters our amazing Cashback Apps and Savings Portals. And they will get $10 per supporter, per month.

  • With 100 supporters, organizations will earn $1000 per month.
  • With 1,000 supporters, they will earn $10,000 monthly.

And You win too. With supporters being positioned on your 2nd level, you will earn $1 per month per Supporter.

You must be a Nexus Representative to enroll non-profit organization into the Fundraiser. There is no cost to the organization... The individuals that become supporters are not included in your matrix. I don't know you but, if you want a long-term solid business, If you want to help people save money on everything they purchase, save money on your basic bills. You will want to join Nexus Today and then extend your help to your community.

Check out the Nexus Fundraiser Here:

Then join my Nexus Reward Team, our goal is for each member to reach the TOP (We have some great welcome gifts for New Members - Hotel Savings Voucher, Restaurant Gift Vouchers & More

To Your Success!

Virginia Sanders,

Nexus Reward Representative

‪(916) 546-5642

Results Driven Marketing

Goal: $233,460 Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.  Will return all correspondence within 24 hours.

This article was published on 13.03.2023 by Virginia Sanders
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