You Are Not In Business If You Are Not Investing In Building Your List

"If you are only consuming and NOT Investing in your Business

then you'll soon have no Business"

I hope you are having an Awesome Sunday weekend.

It's a rather cloudy, dry, but warm pleasant Sunday afternoon here

in London England United Kingdom where am based.

I was having a thought (a reflective span) about my business 

just after a brief nod off dosing following a lovely Sunday lunch with my family.

 In a reflective mode I could remember those days when I use to spend my meagre 

resources consuming/buying product upon product, software upon 

software thinking these actions of mine will translate to my break through 

to making millions on line.

I was dead wrong not realising then that I was doing exactly the opposite

until my mentor told me that  what I was doing, was just consuming products.

He said something very passionately and liberating, 

He said, Your business is in Building your list and NOT in your product 

That for me was an eye opener, he said invest now in building a list, develop a 

relationship of trust with your list and the rest will be history, you can then laugh to the Bank.

I said yeah! and he said trust me, the money is the List, more so in a list that has come to

 Trust  and Like you over time.

He said, when you invest in building your list now, your list will in turn overtime pay you back big time exponentially.

Am sure you have heard the saying "Money Is In The List"

Nothing could be more truthful in the online marketing space or any business fro that matter.

He said, when you get to a point that  you are no more chasing after leads/prospects  

but they are chasing then after you, you are now in the Millionaire camp.

My question to you is are you Building a List or Buying products upon Products?

If you are NOT building a steadily growing quality List of subscribers to your Business

then you are not in Business.

Your List Building efforts is your business NOT your Product.

What DO I NEED To DO To Build a List?

You need the following-

  • A website
  • Auto -Responder e.g Aweber, Getresponse etc
  • Landing Page/Squeeze Page
  • A Product
  • Email swipe
  • Traffic- Quality Targeted Traffic


There are ways where you can leverage your List Building  campaigns to build your

List quicker and make money at the same time..

You do not have to get all of the above tools but have it at a packaged reduce costs,

exponentially build your list where you can leverage other people'e efforts to build 

your list and also begin to generate a recurrent residual income at the same time.

A unique List Building Systems that have worked for me are the following

and I suggested you check them out Here Now Below-

====>>>Hardcore Funnel System



To Your Success



This article was published on 05.09.2016 by Dr Oladimeji Afolabi
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