What is your WHY?

You probably have heard of this in many network marketing presentations, why are you doing this business, why are you seeing the opportunity in network, why do you think or feel it will work for you. Network marketing is essentially a service industry, if you do not offer a service and value to the next person then it simply will not work. People are inherently selfish, when you present your opportunity without showing them how they will benefit from the business and how they will be doing the business then they will not give it a second thought.

Network marketing is a business where you present your opportunity be it to your family, friends, colleagues (also known as the hot market) or to your friend's friend, people you are meeting for the first time or you have introduced yourself to (also known as the cold market ; this is where most of your business will be eventually). Your ability to convey the message of value, (be it monetary, products on offer, personal development, service to the next person) will get you to growing your business exponentially in a reasonable amount of time.

Your ability to achieve all this is and will be based on your ability to establish your WHY. This is done by looking/ introspecting your own needs that need to be satiated when you  do the business yourself. These are normally called Goals that emanate from your dreams. Do not confuse the two, dreams are easy, its just your imagination, however goals are based on dreams but are practical as you will needs to attain them to achieve your dreams. This is done by coming up with a solid plan on the money making activities you will be doing to achieve these goals in your network marketing business. This all emanates from your WHY!

As you have probably made sense of now, when you are asked what is your why you really need to introspect and dig deep to really come up with a solid WHY, that will help you to achieve your DREAMS through a solid PLAN to achieve your GOALS. Being able to convey that message to your prospects is what sets you for success or failure. It is really what sets apart the successful and the unsuccessful in network marketing. Get our WHY figured out early on in the business , plug in into the training, attend presentations and follow the business system in place and your success levels increase with each day as you personally develop yourself.

This article was published on 31.08.2021 by Darlington Chinyadza
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