How to Recruit More MLM Reps in Your Business

Today, I want to share a few simple tips about how to recruit more MLM reps in your business.  These are some simple things that I have done to allow me to become the top recruiter in my MLM Company. These tips are listed in no particular order. 

• Talk to more people. What you lack in skills you can make up for in numbers . This business has always been a numbers game. The more people you talk to the more people you will recruit.  Period. Talk to a few people and you will make a little money. Talk to a lot of people and you will make a lot of money. Double your activity if you want to double your income. 

• Improve your skills.  Work on your skills every single day.  Get in the trenches an stay in the trenches by focusing on the income producing activities.  Learn how to prospect, generate leads, invite, close and sell.  The better your skills, the better you will do in the business.  

• Work on your personal development. Make it a point to get a little bit better every single day . This business is a people business.  You need to work on your people skills and become more likable.  For your business to grow, you must grow. 

• Talk to entrepreneurial minded people. Talk to people who are open minded to commission only pay and business ventures .  Look for people who have already started a business before, and spent a lot of time and money to do so.  These folks will not nickel and dime you or complain about a $200 or $500 starter kit. Plus, many successful entrepreneurs are looking for an exit strategy from their traditional business. 

• Help your team recruit.  Instead of focusing on personal recruiting, focus on recruiting in depth.  For example, if there are 100 people on your team, and each of those people knows 100 people, that is 10,000 potential prospects for you to reach out to (with your team members).  This makes more sense than to just keep focusing on personal recruiting. 

• Build up your pipeline.  You want a pipeline full of prospects, so you are not obsessed with sponsoring a specific person.  When you have a lot of leads, you don't care who joins the business and who doesn't.  Make it a goal to add at least five to ten new prospects to your pipeline every single day. 

• Study sales and marketing. Learn how to sell and how to close.  This is a very valuable skill in your network marketing business.  You have to learn how to walk your prospects through the selling process and close them. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These are some of my best tips on how to recruit more MLM reps in your business.  What are your thoughts? What is your favorite tip on this list? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. 

About the Author

Chuck Holmes is a network marketing professional.  He is also an author, blogger, entrepreneur and watchdog for the industry. He lives in sunny Florida. Learn more about his opportunity.

This article was published on 20.09.2018 by Chuck Holmes
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