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Do's and Don'ts of Barter and Trade (PART 6)

Do's and Don'ts of Barter and Trade (PART 6)

System #3 THE STOCKPILE :- This is the main stockpile that you will have for a disaster event that lasts more than a year without strong support coming in from governmental sources.

This stockpile takes all the elements from your home reserve and expands both the quantities and contents to allow you and yours not only to survive a major disaster but to thrive from it. Supplies stockpiled should last 5 years minimum and include surplus for trade and barter.

I recommend that it should not be located at your home but at a separate and concealed location that you can get to but do not normally visit beyond the initial construction and stocking.

Once your home supplies are three quarters gone and no end in sight for the reconstruction of society as we know it today you should move to this location and establish a secure perimeter to work from.

At this point trade and barter become the means by which you can influence other survivors and establish yourself as the regional authority, stabilizing the area and creating a mutually supportive community.

A disaster would need to be global and the response not forthcoming due to the magnitude of disaster and its global effect for you to really need this level of preparation. There are almost no disasters that will need this level of readiness unless you fear a meteor strike, alien invasion, global warfare or solar storm.

Most disasters are short term, help is usually on the way within days and repair to the affected area usually begins right away. Earthquakes, drought, hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding are the major problems we would deal with here in the USA, and all are relatively short term disasters or localized events that allow help from other parts of the country to reach us in a timely manner. (NOTE: while full recovery can take years, help is almost always there from the onset.)

You will need GOLD for trade barter or bribes, I can show you how to get your gold in small affordable increments (1g and up) AND how to share this knowledge in such a way as to be able to get your gold for free AND to earn from it today.

Let me help you to get started now... Contact me, Udo Hoffmann, at or (715)426-0518 for a quality assessment, detailed information or instruction on how I can help you to get started today.


This article was published on 19.02.2017 by Udo Hoffmann
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