How to Practice Rejection Free Marketing!

The very first thing you must do is establish a NEED! If a person doesn’t need what you’re offering you don’t have a sale.

How do you establish the need?

Ask questions. Ask a series of questions without making them feel like a Criminal. Lol! Remember, your goal is to establish a need for your product or services. Not create an environment of interrogation! Whew!

As you dialogue with your future business partner or long-term customers, make them feel comfortable with compliments as they reply back with their answers. However, you must control the conversation.

Always end your statement with an open-end question. Never ask “are you” “will you” “can you” this only returns a reply with YES or NO!

Many consultants don’t understand how to dialogue because of the type of training the average traditional company teach is to display the replicated website and focus hard to write the 100 – 200 names list for a personal invitation to a home party, event, hotel meeting, 3rd party conference call and don’t forget the quarterly corporate convention.

The most mislead concept of Direct Sales and Network Marketing is approaching the Industry as a Salesperson. I was taught in one company to fish and throw your bait to catch a whale!

How can an individual with “NO” Communication skills, no experience, and improper Training – CATCH A WHALE?

What is a whale? A person who is seasoned in the industry. They have built huge organizations and their T.E.A.M. will most likely follow them wherever they go.

A whale is a true leader!

Never ask in the first 30 minutes of your dialogue if a prospect would like to see your replicated website or landing page. Don’t always assume that a person’s profile tells you exactly what they do.

Remember, the only way they can reply with a yes or no is when you stop asking OPEN ENDED QUESTIONS!

Be patient with them and wait for their response. Remember, the average person network on a part time schedule working hard to remove their (J.O.B.) status. So, it might take a while to reply.

And some networkers, they could have a family with kids working to establish a life of time freedom to enjoy the family etc.

Once you have established that they need your product or service. What’s next? The Sale! Does it end there? Heck No! It’s just getting started. Lol!

If you are recruiting to build your T.E.A.M. make sure you have a platform to train your new business partners how to;

•    Create the perfect profile

•    Brand Visibility

•    Grow Your Audience

•    Connect with confidence

•    Communicate

•    Develop Your knowledge

•    Close

•    Acquire more SALES!

If you have established that they would rather be a great customer. Practice good customer service skills. Send a “thank you” card or social media post. Send them a “happy birthday” card and gift and now with Facebook and LinkedIn you have “NO” EXCUSE!

Literally, you should know everything; wedding anniversary, to show your appreciation to them as a loyal customer. They are not inmates with a number!

The Law Office are a great example of good customer service skills. LOL!

At least twice or maybe three times a month, do a quality check. Ask - how are the product or service working for them. Don’t assume your product and service is so great and it work for the world!

Good customer service will definitely return to you quality referrals!

After proficient dialogue and you have established that they don’t need your product or service, MOVE ON!

Keep your POSTURE! Don’t beg them! There is an Endless supply of “FREE” leads via Facebook and LinkedIn!

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Have Fun!

Coach Paul Thacker

Cellphone: 919.561.9064

This article was published on 02.07.2018 by Paul Thacker
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