10 Ways To Sell More Of Your MLM Products, Increase Volume, And Rank Advance


We all want to know more ways we can increase our product sales.

Increasing product sales will do a lot for our MLM businesses.

By increasing product sales, we find more product lovers who buy month after month.

And of course, those who love the product, usually sell more of it.

So today I will share with you 10 ways to sell more of your MLM products, and get a team moving in your MLM business. 

#1. Share Your Results

May sound like a no-brainer, but many people never do this.

If you were to share your results in a story like fashion, you can really increase other people's interest.

Here is the formula for putting together that perfect product story to post all over social media:

Before I was _____ (your problem)

Then I began using ______ (your product)

Now I am ______ (your result)

And the best part is ____ (share a benefit that has came from the benefit)

Always throw in why things are much better since you got your result, and add as many hard problems as you can that you were experiencing before taking it.

#2. Posting On Social Media

Social media is a giant for regular everyday people to be playing on.

When you are sharing your story on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, it will get read by people.

When people who have the same problems you mention in the story, they will relate to it and want to know the solution you found.

So by sharing your story, and putting it up on social media in as many platforms as possible, you begin getting people who are interested reaching out to you.

Heck, I made over a $600 product order from a Tweet, so it's worth doing.

#3. Share Other People's Stories

It's not just your own that can get sales for you.

By learning other people's stories in your company, you can create posts and content based on their issues.

Not everyone will share your problem, but the more problems you share online, the more people will relate.

So perhaps you lost weight, but someone else you learned of got relief from pain.

Start sharing all the great stories of problems people have, and the more people will relate to them and test out this new solution you shared with them.

#4. Product Reviews

Now here is where we can create a massive amount of content.

If we were to create product reviews for each and every single product that your company has, how many reviews is that?

Each review can be discovered in the search engines when people search for the exact product you reviewed.

So do a product review on each and every single product your company offers.

#5. Blogging

By blogging and having your own website, you can get massive amounts of sales.

My biggest sales comes from my blog.

Now they don't come in all the time, but when they do, they are the big sales.

Write blog posts on tips, and share good information on a specific topic that is related to your MLM company's product lines.

Example: If you have a weight loss product, you can do a blog on fitness, healthy eating, and wellness type content.

#6. Videos

Videos do very well at getting leads and sales.

If you start a Youtube channel, and make tons of videos, you'll only get more and more sales.

Here are some ideas for creating videos:

  • Individual product review
  • Why you joined the company
  • Company review
  • How to make money with the company
  • Your story
  • Other people's stories
  • Each problem your product solves
Those ideas alone can create hundreds of videos.

So always look for a new topic, to create another video on.

#7. Create A Challenge

By creating a challenge on Facebook, you can pull in new people who want to achieve the result of the challenge.

These can be tough for a non-social person to pull off, but if you have a large following on Facebook, you can most likely get some sales this way.

Create a challenge and have a giveaway to those who participate in it.

Of course, the product will need to be used by all participants. 

#8. Contest Entry Box

Here is a cool, old school way of getting product sales.

You have a box placed in public areas, where something is to be given away.

All the people who fill out the information can enter for a chance to win something.

Each person who enters, is a lead.

One wins, and everyone else you contact gets 2nd place.

If you make the topic around something of your product, you can use this style of approach to really increase either product sales, samples, or even affiliate signups.

#9. Invite Others To Your Company Calls

Every company has calls where they create excitement among their affiliates.

They share stories of people's results (good place to pick those up for other promotions) and income stories.

Invite others who may have a need for the product, or interested in making money.

Just make sure they get on right before the call starts, because these calls really increase non-members interests. 

#10. Offline Promoting

You should always build in your own back yard.

Put fliers, posters, signs and other forms of promotion out in your local area.

Doing this will get calls coming in if you do it in massive amounts.

Massively place signs in high traffic areas, post fliers everywhere, and hand out cards with info and a place to go to learn more.

You'll be coming across those people soon, as it takes several exposures for most people to finally respond.

Did This Help?

If you got some new ideas from this, please leave a comment below.

Also, be sure to connect with me here on MLM Gateway, so we can continue sharing value with one another.

If you have any ideas on selling more MLM products, then leave your idea in the comment section below!

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This article was published on 18.01.2019 by Jaye Carden
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