My Ah Ha moment!

I just want to share an AH HA moment that was twenty four years in the making.  

My husband and I have always been forward thinkers when it came to business. After we had our last child, we had an opportunity that literally only came once in a life time [at least at the price we were offered]. I am literally shaking my head as I type and re-live this occurrence.

My husband came to me with a chance to purchase cell towers, I became very intrigued by the concept. However, he said “I would like this to be a family project so everyone will have a chance to prosper in this deal of a lifetime.” He went to the first family member who said, “Those things are not going to be around long. In the next ten years people will call them an eye sore.” The next family member said “Oh my God it is just another one of his get rich quick schemes!”  By the time he got thru the rest of the family he was so spiritually defeated, he began to doubt himself. Unfortunately, when he finally emerged from his family induced depression 2 days later, he had missed the deadline.

Now, as we look back over the last 24 years there is at least 1 cell phone in every home and a cell phone tower on every other block as well as on top of buildings. Everyone had a chance to become multi-millionaires many times over. Unfortunately this was not the only time this happened. There was the dot com wave and oil boom at the turn of the millennium.

Why am I telling this? Because it took me until recently to have that AH HA moment and realize that my husband has always been a multi-level marketer at heart. He has a heart for people. A desire for each and every person to win. And a will to stick it out and teach others as we go/grow along. From his days in the military we have taken the motto “Leave no one behind!’ and made it a lifestyle.

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This article was published on 08.01.2016 by Jeanna Lawson
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