How To Use MLM Gateway To Build A MLM Business: Part 4 Ads


As of the past 3 business announcements in this series, we have learned what to do to get our MLM business growing from MLM Gateway.

But even though those past 3 business announcements can help you get more people into your MLM business, this part of the series will be the biggest step in doing so.

Nothing will get you more leads, signups, and business then advertising on a platform where every member is a targeted one.

So let's look at how we can use MLM Gateway to begin bringing in new business partners into our MLM company and business.

How To Run The Ads

First thing to know, is you need credits first.

The more credits you have for ads, the better.

So, there will become a mix of free and paid credits you may want to use.

If you only want to use free credits earned on the platform, then the ads will be much less viewed.

I would focus on letting free credits earned for connecting, and purchased credits for running campaigns.

But, the choice is yours, and if you can generate a lot of credits for free through business announcements, and referrals, then so be it. Run free ads!

What To Never Do When Advertising

The biggest mistake that most marketers make when running ads on MLM Gateway, or really anywhere, is they do not use a landing page.

Instead, they use their replicated website their company gave them, or the link to the "order now" page.

The problem is, no one purchases on first look.

So if anyone did take a look and have an interest, you do not know who they are.

Also, they will not remember who you were as it came from an ad.

Always use a landing page to capture leads, names, emails and even phone numbers.

This is how you can keep in contact with anyone who has interest in your product or company.

The Ad Title

If you want an ad that will convert at it's best, you need to work on the title of it.

The title needs to address the benefit, or a problem that a person could have.

What is the benefit, or the solution to a problem your product or service helps with?

The title needs to get their attention, and make them think "That's me".

If you do this and do it right, then you will get a lot of clicks on your ad.

The Body

In the body, with limited characters, you have to really get the message of the benefit across to them.

If the title grabbed their attention, you can get a lead from the page if the body provides the solution to the problem the title addressed.

Here is an example for an ad, advertising dog houses:

Title: Is Your Dog Stuck Out In The Rain?

Body: Build your friend a new home he will love, in 3 simple to follow steps.

If a person was wanting or thinking of getting a dog house for his pet, then this ad would be perfect for that person to click.

An easy way to get the problem solved, and it was addressed in the title and body.

Make sure the body of the text really drives the reason and benefit to the reader to want to click.

Test Multiple Versions

The best way to know what ad of yours is getting the best attention, is to create a few different versions of it.

Then, by looking in your advertising tab, you can see which ad is getting the most clicks.

Or, you can do as I do, when my credits are getting low, and run just one ad until the credits are gone, then another version.

After running both ads for the same amount of time, take a look and see which one got more clicks.

Either way, test different versions.

Remember this, your ad gets clicks quicker when new. After it has aged, it begins slowing down on clicks as more members have seen it multiple times.

When this becomes the case, consider running a new version of the ad, even if it leads to the same landing page URL and offer.

The Cool Trick To Increase Conversions

When I get leads from my ads on MLM Gateway, I know that means it was a MLM Gateway member most likely.

I have a source code on my links, because my company allows us to track where are clicks are coming from so we know which ads run best.

So I know when a lead has came from an ad here on MLM Gateway.

When this happens, I go to the member list, and search the person up.

Most of the time, I find them and their profile.

Since they just visited my ad, I send them a connection request to continue to further the relationship between me and the new lead.

This will really help increase signups into your business, or increase affiliate sales.

Always connect with those who opt-in to your offer that come from this platform.

It creates a great way for conversation, and to get an idea of what they thought about your offer.

Did This Help?

If you got value from this business announcement, please leave a comment below. Also, send me a connection request over here on MLM Gateway so I can accept it. No need to waste a credit on someone who won't accept the request!

P.S Do you want to see how fast your downline can grow when I build it for you? Take this free tour and see for yourself at how fast I will build a downline of professionals, increasing volume for you and building you the most successful business you've ever seen.

This article was published on 02.09.2018 by Jaye Carden
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