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There is no doubt, at this point in time, that we are living in a completely different world. The use of Cryptocurrencies has become quite popular all over the world. There are some Coins that have been created throughout the years, but many of them just don’t get the right kind of follow up and they end up fading away into obscurity. OneCoin is a completely revolutionary Cryptocurrency that has been built on a truly solid foundation, and we are going to be talking about its main features.

Who created it?

The creator of OneCoin is Dr.Ruja Ignatova. She holds several academic degrees from Oxford and other prestigious universities such as Harvard.

She is an economy and finance expert. OneCoin has reached over 450k members in just 10 months, and the numbers keep adding up.

When did it launch?

One Coin is a rapidly growing audit that was launched in September 2014 with the intention of smashing all records and positioning itself as an authority in a field that was already getting attention from all.

How was this business built?

This business was built with headquarters in Europe and with the idea of having worldwide operations located in South Asia, Europe, India and Africa.

This is a Coin that gets audited every month because we want to ensure that investors see the transparency that it offers to their clients. You need to keep in mind, this is a very important advantage that is definitely a welcome addition.

What makes it unique and better than the rest?

The one thing that makes this Cryptocurrency way better than the rest is that it was built with the idea of helping to educate the average person who has no idea about the technical aspects of Cryptocurrencies. Aurum Gold Coins are a unique hybrid currency that is backed up by real and solid gold as well as .01 fractions of OneCoin.

Their online trading academy is a very robust and powerful invention that is allowing people to get the right kind of results for their needs and to finally feel like they have a deeper understanding about digital currency use, investment and value.

It’s important to keep in mind that even though Cryptocurrency has become quite popular all over the world, there are still a lot of people who are in the dark about the value that these coins have and the kind of results that they can get from them. OneCoin makes sure to educate people on this need, and that is the main reason why the Coin has so much promise and such potential to grow into a mainstream currency in the industry.

There is a lot that can be expected of OneCoin. The way that the currency has been created goes to show that they will be able to provide a very powerful and solid method for people to join the Cryptocurrency revolution and help bring them to the mainstream world.

Experts believe that these digital currencies could end up turning into a mainstream method of payment within the next decade, and that is going to be extremely useful for them. Anyone who considers making an investment in Cryptocurrencies will find that OneCoin is the ideal and safest bet they can go for.

The best thing is the broad information that is provided by the company; that is the one thing that really makes it much better than the rest. It stands out in every way and it makes the investors feel safe that they will be seeing gains from their efforts, You will be able to find out for yourself about just how promising it is.

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