Wanting Self-Motivating Independent Rep., with Integrity and Ethical Standards.

WorldVentures; “One Team One Dream,” believes there are five areas each person masters, before they can become a “Master in the Art of Living,” along with integrity and ethical standards:

1. Spiritual;

2. Physical;

3. Emotional;

4. Financial; and,

5. Intellectual life.

All in signed up:   http://www.dreamescape54.worldventures.biz

1. WorldVentures Home Based Business Opportunity, an Independent Rep., ($114.94 Initial and $14.99 Monthly) or as a WorldVentures Student & Young Professional (must be 18-25 of age $31.98 Initial and $6.99 Monthly); or,

2. A customer (Membership only) and start enjoying new experiences; or,

3. As both Independent Representative and member.

The following are my personal reasons for joining WorldVentures:

1. WorldVentures, has great company core values;

2. Nutrition, Health and wellness for:

  a. Body:

         i. Raises levels of Vitamin D, from being outside in the Sun;

         ii. The Sun, helps to protect the possibilities of future bone problems, heart disease, diabetes;

        iii. The Sun can improve your distance vision;

        iv. Lowers the possibilities of nearsightedness;

         v. Walking, hiking, water sports etc. while on vacation, is also more exercise than sitting behind a desk.

b. Mind:

        i. Being on vacations, is possibly effective in reducing ADHD a/k/a ADD symptoms. (Attention   Deficit  Hyperactivity Disorder);  

        ii. Score higher on tests when I have been on vacations; and,

       iii. Critical thinking skills have improved from all the travel experiences worldwide.

c. Spirit:

         i. Stress levels fall when on vacations;

        ii. Improves emotional development from anxiety and depression; and,

       iii. Improved my social interactions; and,

       iv. Improved on close relationship.

3. Financial:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6mSiIJWTNc

  a. Entrepreneurial freedom;

  b. Unlimited earnings potential;

  c. Personal development;

 d. Continuous training; and,

 e. Camaraderie.

4. Home Based Business Opportunity:        

   a. Work from home;

  b. Full-time; Part-time; or Spare-time;

  c. Inc. 5000; 2015, rated WorldVentures, # 915, the fastest-growing private companies in America, in the industry of Travel & Hospitality;

  d. Benefits of less Stress in life; and,

  e. Vacation when you want, without asking for permission.

5. WorldVentures Foundation Organization:

a. Commitments to making a difference worldwide;

b. Other partnerships assists WorldVentures Foundation, in supporting causes in the area of:

     i. Helping to promote clean water;

    ii. Building bottle schools;

   iii. Assisting in entrepreneurship in developing nations;

  iv. “VolunTourism,” – Are Volunteer Opportunities, (works trips – hands on experiences) to Africa, Latin America and Asia, for the children; and,

  v. In partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, building DreamCourts.

This article was published on 29.06.2016 by Brown-johnson Bey
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Larry Pardue Great article about WorldVentures!  3 years ago

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