Currency vs Money: What’s the Difference?

"If you look up the words “currency” and “money” in a thesaurus, each word will probably be listed as a suitable linguistic substitution for the other; however, their economic function is almost completely opposite. Understanding the difference between currency and money is critical to making smart decisions about preserving your wealth". According to Peter Schiff.

When speaking about finances, the 3 most commonly misunderstood words are; Money, Currency and Wealth. Unfortunately people don’t understand the difference between currency and money. Many  bankers and financial accountants probably do not fully understand the difference between currency and money either. In order to understand this difference and act on that knowledge  can mean the difference between creating real wealth for generations as opposed to living a  life of struggle, mediocrity and even poverty.  

Most people seem to think that the fiat paper currency which they carry around in their  wallet or purse is real money. But It certainly is not! This is what is known as currency,  or fiat currency.

What Is Currency?

Currency is what most people think money is! 

1: It is a medium of exchange.

2: A unit of account. (it’s got numbers on it!). 

3: It is portable.

4: It is durable.

5: It is divisible. (you can make change from it).

6: It is fungible (interchangeable).

Currency is simply paper. This paper money is a tool for trading your time. Currency has absolutely no intrinsic value!

One of the biggest problems with currency is that the governments can print more and more of  it out of thin air, whenever they want or need to. Consequently this puts more total currency into global circulation which in turn means that the currency is constantly losing its real value. Whenever there is more of something, it obviously becomes less rare and therefore less  valuable. This dilution of the currency supply is continuously transferring wealth out of your pocket book and your bank account straight to the government and the banking system. 

Here is a frighteningly though. If you think that your only “store of wealth” is by the holding of fiat paper currency (which ultimately is only worth the paper it is printed on), then this concept means that your purchasing power is being constantly eroded! Think about it. There are thousands of examples of this, but lets take gasoline for instance. How many litres  of gasoline would a paper US $20 note have bought you 10 years ago? How about 5 years ago?  

How about 1 year ago? I hope you are getting the picture?! That same paper US $20 note will  not buy you any where near as many litres of gasoline as it would have done 1, 5 or 10 years  ago. As currencies get devalued, we lose our purchasing power unless we are building a store  of wealth in real money (silver and or gold). 

Historically there have been thousands of currencies and all fiat currencies  (which are not backed by gold and silver) have gone to ZERO! That’s a 100% failure rate for  fiat currencies!

Two very interesting examples are:

(1) Weimar Republic, Germany, between June 1921 and  January 1924.  

 (2) Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWD) in 1980. Please "google" for you and your family's benefit. 

What Is Money ?

Money is a store of value which will maintain its purchasing power over a long period of  time.  

1: It is a medium of exchange. 

2: A unit of account.

3: It is portable.

4: It is durable. (it never changes from one century to the next).

5: It is divisible. (you can make change from it).

6: It is fungible (interchangeable). It is the same wherever it is on earth.

7: Silver and gold have intrinsic value!

Silver and gold is the optimum form of money because of its properties. You can store a large amount of value in a very small area. Only silver and gold have maintained their purchasing power over the last 5000 years! This is because silver and gold are limited in  quantity – there is only a finite amount of silver and gold on planet earth! 

Crucial Questions To Ask Yourself! 

Do you want to protect your purchasing power? 

Do you want to preserve your wealth? 

Do you want to leverage yourself into a position of potential financial freedom?

Do you want to position yourself in front of one of the greatest opportunities in history?

Do you want to ensure that you are taking part in the greatest wealth transfer in the history of mankind? 

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then we would suggest that you gradually start to exchange some paper currency for grams of gold. We would recommend that if possible, you get into the habit of acquiring some pure gold bullion each and every month. In this way  you will begin to create a store of real value and wealth for the future.

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This article was published on 04.11.2016 by Victor Graham
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