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Transfer Factor - Natural Immune Enhancer

Transfer Factor is the first supplement developed to modulate the immune system. 4-Life Transfer Factor's patented formula, originally designed for organ transplant patients, is supported by 14 Medline peer-reviewed studies and 3 patents. It is a remarkable substance that provides each person with an optimally functioning immune system.

By increasing the awareness of your immune cells, your body can fight infections more effectively. Immune system problems can lead to major health problems such as high cholesterol, autoimmune disorders, and memory loss. This is a natural substance that offers new hope for people who want to boost their immune system as a defense against such conditions. Transfer factor works by helping the body identify harmful toxins or viruses and eliminate them before serious damage can occur. People taking Transfer Factor report significant results after only 3 to 4 months, and many users eliminate the need for prescription medications altogether.

If you suffer from chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders, inflammation, and allergies, you may have a compromised immune system. Transfer factors have proven to be the solution for these types of immune system problems. They work by modulating your cell-mediated immunity, which is where all your natural killer cells are supposed to be produced. In other words, it teaches your body to defend itself.

You were not born with immune deficiency diseases, but your life has been forever altered by the onslaught of these relentless disorders. You may have contracted one or more of these diseases at a young age, or you may have a genetic predisposition. In either case, over time your immune system has been attacked and weakened to such an extent that your body can no longer defend itself against disease.

The most comprehensive immune system support product available. Transfer factors modulate the immune system, boost the immune response, increase antibody production, and balance the immune system to enhance your ability to defend against disease. Transfer factors do not introduce chemicals into your body, but "teach" your own immune system to recognize, respond to and remember threats.

It is a naturally occurring molecule, present in colostrum and breast milk, that may contribute to healthy immune system function. Other benefits include maintaining multisystem health and supporting a healthy balance of microorganisms in the intestinal tract. Antibiotics should not be taken while taking this product, as it may reduce its effectiveness.

This supplement is a unique family of immune molecules found in breast milk and colostrum of all mammals. These "smart molecules" were originally identified, isolated, and tested by renowned immunologist Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence in the 1950s. Research on these special molecules has continued for over 40 years, leading to their development as Nutritional Transfer Factor and Dietary Supplements.

The Transfer Factor of 4Life is the first dietary supplement to contain transfer factors: tiny messenger molecules that transfer immunity information from one entity to another, such as between a nursing mother and her baby, who is too young to produce antibodies on its own.

We’re a group of health care entrepreneurs and we'd like to share with the world the knowledge about how to take care of our health the natural way. The top six killers (diseases) in the world are: Cancer, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Diabetes, Aids, and Obesity and their victims are in the millions annually.

We all know a relative, close friend, neighbor or co-worker who is a patient o has died due to one of these terrible illnesses. The good news is that they can be prevented or eliminated by enhancing, empowering our immune system.

We can show people how to protect themselves and their loved ones against these scourges of humanity. To those (bilingual, any language, is a plus) who would like to be generously compensated while relaying this message of hope to others in their communities, we ask them to contact me at, for more free information and without any obligation.

This article was published on 10.02.2022 by Fernando Gomez
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