Why are you here?

Before I begin, let me give you a little background about me and my experience with MLMGateway. You see, I signed up with MLMGateway in 2016 and this is my 3rd go around with my membership upgrade. Over the years with my time of being here at MLMGateway, I have developed a pretty good connection list and learned a lot about different products and services that were offered here. I've Seen a lot of programs come and go, and changes in strategies as to how people here market them. I myself still have a regular full time job outside of this venue here. My feelings about online marketing are a little different then most people here. I have found that a lot of people that use the MLMGateway forum do so for the sole purpose of promoting their products and services and take the approach that if you are not interested in what they are offering, they don't want to connect or build a business relationship with you. Now to be transparent, I don't try to promote products and services here as a form of making easy money marketing products and services online. I look at it through a viewpoint of building relationships and helping others. If you are using MLMGateway with the purpose of just selling what you offer, then what I am saying here will have no interest to you. I love collaborating with people regarding new products and marketing ideas. I still believe that the mind is like a parachute and it works best when it is open. I see many people here that use MLMGateway to market one product or service and put in their interest box not looking for another business. This approach I feel shuts the door on collaboration and the sharing of ideas, which basically means you are limiting your opportunities to leverage your time and your income. So bringing this full circle, once again I ask, why are you here?

As I mentioned earlier, during my time here at MLMGateway, I have been offered as well as found a lot of different ideas and marketing methods online. Some have worked well for me, and some haven't. If you would like to collaborate with me and share some new products or marketing ideas that you feel would work well with what I am doing, I would always be open to taking a look, because my mind is an open parachute. I won't sign up with every business opportunity, but I can assure you that I will look at it with an open mind. With that being said, here are two business ideas and opportunities I have become very excited about.

The first one is Textbot. I just found out about it last week, and from a business marketing standpoint, it just makes sense. In our day to day lives, we spend more time on our smart phones then our computers. A phone call connects us with a real person. A phone call from a loved one or a good friend makes us feel important, that we matter. So when I heard the latest statistic that 98% of text messages are read (and not put in a spam folder as with emails sometimes do) and over 90% of them are read within 3 minutes, then the marketing concept behind Textbot just made sense to me. Plus the fact that it's creator, Jeff Long uses such a real and straight forward approach in his presentation without the hype just connected with me. This may not be the type of marketing that connects with you and that's okay. Below is the ad copy that I use to promote Textbot:

"I just found a texting chat bot that pays me $100 over and over when I connect people to it, and it can do the same for you! This Automated Virtual Assistant (AVA) holds real time, human-like text message conversations with everyone I connect her up with. Yeah it's crazy! She actually answers questions, delivers information, follows up and can even send any email you want her to, and like I said, SHE DOES IT ALL BY TEXT MESSAGE! The fact that over 98% of text messages are read and over 90% of them are read within 3 minutes should be enough for you to go to http://viraltextmarketing.com or call 217-203-9977 right now to learn all about this! You can also use her services to help promote your primary business as well."

The next one is my approach using Incentive Marketing. I first heard of this term being used by the man that created the MLMrod program Ryan Gunness. I connected with this approach because we see this type of marketing every day when we go shopping as well as going out to eat. Some examples of this are Buy one, get one free, Get 10% off if you buy it today, and so on. So my point is that offering an incentive will get a person's attention, if it is an incentive that can appeal to their own personal interests. For example, a frugal person would love an incentive to get a free gift save some extra money on something they are going to purchase anyway. Heck every time I want to get a new domain name at Namecheap, I always search online for the promo codes, and more often than not, I can save an average of 20% off of domain names just by doing this. So what is my point? My point is that most people use frugal tactics in order to make a profit in their business. Which brings me to my second business idea.

I signed up a few weeks ago with the MLMrod incentive program, not to be confused with MLMrecruitondemand, which is a different program. The MLMrod incentive program offers an incentive of getting a $50 online cash gift reward for watching a video that you are promoting. Using an incentive program shows that you have respect for the time someone is taking out of their busy day to see what you have to offer them. Some people refer to this as quid pro quo or the "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" effect. This offer could even appeal to you if you have read my Business Announcement this far. So hear is my MlMrod incentive offer:

"I would like to offer you a free $50 online cash gift reward from playersclubadvantage.com for watching a quick video. No purchase necessary. Go to https://mlmrod.com/olulo to claim this gift today".

So in closing, if you feel that you are the type of person that would like to collaborate with me and share some new marketing ideas and see if your business opportunity is something that could be beneficial for the both of us, I would love to connect with you and see if what we both have to offer could help each other. Until then take care, stay safe and have a wonderful day. Robert McKnight.

This article was published on 28.05.2020 by Robert Mcknight
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Textbot - Viral sms marketing, 100 USD to join

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Frank F. Mayes We think alike. I use both methods you listed in your article. And I agree with you 100%. Great post!  3 months ago
Thomas Oluoch This is a very educative article. It is real! Thank you  4 months ago
Samora Nene I am new here and hope I will be able to learn something from the group and able to grow my online network business   4 months ago
Nika Moeini Hey Robert, great post! Helped me learn a better way of using the platform :)  4 months ago
Linda Youngsma Thank you, your article helped me understand mlmgateway better as I am new to this format.  4 months ago
Grant Thomas I Signed up in 2019. Lost my account so I just created a new one. Great Post  4 months ago

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