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My journey to Retirement with MDC

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Kim and I am in my 50s.  A mother of 4 and a grandmother of 14 adorable grandchildren and counting.  I have been married to my amazing and supportive husband since 1986 and I have been with him since I was 2 month shy of my 16th birthday.  We are true soulmates.

He had a dream to be a truck driver and I kept telling him to keep holding on to his dream, that some day it will come true.  In 1993, when our youngest was 1, I sent him off to truck driving school.  By June 1995, he was licensed on the road, making his dream a reality.

Due to health issues I have been in and out of work for a long time.  Never finding the exact fit.  I even went back to school in my mid-twenties to get my high school diploma and then went to Vocational College to get a diploma in business administration and decided to continue on into Network and Internet Administration and then into Network and Internet Systems Specialist.  Needles to say the day I graduated Windows XP came out and everything I just learned was outdated which meant I would have to go further into debt to upgrade.  I wasn't doing it.

After college I did some call centre work and that eventually drove me over the deep end.  I went off on medical and just recently went back to work driving school bus for Handicapped children.  I love my job but knew it was not going to be enough for retirement.

I search everywhere.  Papers, internet, through friends.  I gave up for a bit and then just happened to be on a site here call Kijiji and came across this ad.  For 2 weeks I kept revisiting this ad and then I thought 'what have you got to lose by checking it out?'.  So I replied to the ad and well let me tell you!!  I am SO glad I did!!

MyDailyChoice was so intriguing and so different for the networking I had done before and I had already test drove about 3-4 in my life not to mention watching my parents do the same with the same disappointing outcome.

The whole layout of the business is far superior to the ones I joined in the past.  The FREE marketing system is so beautifully put together, the support is bar none the top of the business industry and the training is consistent.  New products, lines and markets open almost every few months!!  It's young, it's fresh, it's unique, it's not over flooded with affiliates (70-80,000 Globally) and it's Free to join.

I have watched people, on my team, in their first 3 month rocket to 5K and 10K affiliates!  The opportunity is huge!  To make it even sweeter, we are in 4 product industries that are booming or set to boom globally.  Let me introduce them to you!!  

First off is the Hemp oil business.  We sell cold compressed hemp oil products that have no CBD/CBG/THC and ones with.  Our line is growing.  We have non-CBD/CBG/THC bath and body products, and our CBD/CBG/THC inclusive tinctures, topicals and bath balms.

We have Daily, ALL natural, health sprays that cover almost every facet of you health and well being.   From brain to Libido to sleep, we have you covered!

Our essential oils and scents are also al natural and are so beautifully light scented!  All our products above are also cruelty free!  The bonus to all this is as a preferred customer you earn loyalty rewards towards FREE products and you get it at member prices!

I know travelling is not something we can do a whole lot of right now but we have a Travel membership that offers bigger discounts than the leader in the travel industry! Our members not only do get access to incredible savings on flights, cruises, hotels, car rentals, weekly getaways, excursions and more. They also earn Reward Credits on every single booking to redeem towards future travel and gifts!!

Now for the wave of the future!  MyDailyChoice offers an academy like none other, Social Trading and Market Research!  Our academy teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know about the digital finance world!  It consists of a micro-learning video library with 145 lessons where traders can easily learn from condensed 1-minute videos.  The courses cover, Digital banking, online trading, cryptocurrency/bitcoin!

Learning about all this industries is what got me so pumped about being a part of this business.  The people, including the owners are so reachable, interactive, friendly and informative.  I couldn't have got a better upline!

MyDailyChoice has become so popular that even the biggest names in Network Marketing have joined!  People like Tod Falcone, Robert Hollis and Robert Sperry!!  If this catches your interest please do not hesitate in messaging me.  We have a Facebook community that's just waiting to meet you and warmly welcome you!

This article was published on 14.03.2021 by Kim Goebel
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