Filling basic needs rather than focusing on money!

I’m sure you have heard the expression that “money is the root of all evil.” It has been a very common one for as long as I can remember and I’m not that young anymore, but it is actually a misnomer. I have sometimes rephrased it more accurately as “money is a necessary evil,” which is also not strictly correct, but the reason I use this expression is to get the point across (which we all know very well) that money is absolutely necessary to live and survive, more so than ever before in this century of our modern era.

With so many changes in technology, economies, social norms, cultural factors and the list goes on, we cannot rely on traditional approaches in regard to money and how to obtain it for a more secure financial way of life. Having said that we must be extremely careful that the factors above that are changing our way of life so rapidly don’t also erode true and essential values that make life worth living, pleasant and meaningful, which is the difference between only existing and really being alive.

So what is the better approach to life and money? Search yourself deep down. What really makes you happy? Is it money? Having it? Spending it? Search a little deeper. What do you really need? Peace? Contentment? Security? Can money buy these things? Not directly, but indirectly it can in the sense that it is needed to buy the food, pay the mortgage or rent, the holiday and all the things YOU enjoy that makes being alive worthwhile for you and those close to you. So rather than focusing on getting that “green stuff”, fretting and worrying about IT, wouldn’t it be better to focus on enjoying every day for what it adds to your life’s journey?

Now if we do THIS and help others to do the same, what will be the benefit to us and them? Just by changing to the above mindset, it can relieve us of the stresses associated with obtaining the “green stuff” and instead, we will actually enjoy the peace, contentment, security, etc that we really want and need. So focusing on these basic needs will allow us to be more productive, creative and happier in helping ourselves, our loved ones and others we meet on life’s journey.

If you agree with what you have read above, please tell me in a comment below and if you would like to know about a simple way my husband and I have found, to put that “green stuff” into your hands to fulfill these basic needs, please email me: We would love to share with you how to get started down this road without spending 1 cent more than you already need to do now. (If you missed my previous article, read it from here: My email again is:

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