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In my former position, I trained and assisted Big Box Stores with promotions, and the material used to support those ventures. I was always amazed to see the reaction of the customers in the different stores. Some stores did not like the idea of offering specials to their guest, and would prefer to give away items like pens, cup holders, etc. Occasionally, I would sit in with the managers to help evaluate the cost of the promotions. Most of the managers thought they were coming out on the positive side of the ledger because they did not invest in big ticket items for the promotion. This is something they never considered, Return On Investment (ROI).

To help them visualize their ROI was simple. Keep in mind these are not Marketing Managers nor do they have the background In high level sales.

Let’s look at one case. These pens, cups, letter openers, and trinkets like that cost $.69 when ordering 2,000+ pieces. The total cost is $1,380.00. We get the trinkets and set up a table which is staffed by two people to talk to customers about the promotion. For stopping at the table, they take an item, right….WRONG! They take one of each and sometimes another set for their friend. At the end of the day, all the items are gone, and not one of them generated a sale.

I know there are a lot of businesses that follow that model. I also know there are a lot of business owners in this forum! What promotional items do you use with your business? What is the ROI?

What if I told you I have a tool that is readily available for your business? What if I told you (in a perfect scenario) the ROI on this tool is $250,000.00? What if I told you the initial investment is $74.85?

Let’s talk! The Ultimate Customer Appreciation Program is the VIP Travel Saver Card Business Program

Tool: Goodlife USA $200.00 VIP Travel Saver Card – Exclusive Hotel Savings Worldwide – This offers your customers the lowest prices on hotels and resorts worldwide. How? Utilizing the Private Booking Engine your customers will experience wholesale pricing.

Stay with me. I want to make sure you see this. Here is what it looks like. I sign up a Business Owner. Here is a breakdown of the investment to the business:

One Time Account Set Up Fee - $49.95

VIP Card Shipping and Handling - $20.95

Hyperwallet Setup Fee - $3.95

Total - $74.85

NOTE: Hyperwallet is used to immediately pay VIP Card savings into the business owners account as soon as they are available

Yes, you read that right! The business owner gets paid – remember ROI!

Here is how it works. The business owner will initially receive 1,000 VIP Cards. The cost for the 1,000 VIP Cards is ABSOLUTELY FREE! The business owner paid the shipping and handling for the cards.

The business has the VIP Cards and is running a customer appreciation special for the month. Every customer that comes in the location and is introduced to the special, will receive a VIP Card.

NOTE: The BANG for the customer is this – The VIP Card shows $200.00 on the face of the card with instructions on how to activate the card on the back. Once the customer successfully activates the card (takes less than 5 minutes) they receive a message telling them their VIP Card is UPGRADED TO $1,000.00 VIP Savings.

Customer takes vacation with the family and using the Private Booking Engine stays at a hotel that will cost:

Not Your Customer Cost: $2,274.00

Your Customer for the EXACT SAME HOTEL: $1,353.00

Your Customer Saved $921.00 – Your Customer LOVES YOU for that Savings!

Business Owner LOVES ME – why? In that example, the customer savings from this one week stay in Orlando, Florida is $921.00. The business owner earns 25% of the Savings or $230.25 from this customers booking. That’s RIGHT! This is from one customer booking!

Now for my ROI Math: Initial Investment Cost to business $74.85

Earnings from One Customer Booking (as discussed) $230.25

One Happy Customer and Family because you saved them $921.00 on their vacation

ROI: Customer Loyalty and $155.40 (That’s from ONE Customer using the Private Booking Engine)

We know everyone won’t travel or Vacation, but could you use a hotel stay for a wedding, a reunion, or any life event? Also, this customer did not use all of the $1,000.00. The remainder will be there for another trip. Think that customer is going to have any problems referring your business?

There is also an added value. What if you are in the business of working with businesses? What if you want to sign businesses up for the VIP Travel Saver Card Business Program?

To sign up for this amazing offer for your Business:

Go To

At the Top of the Page choose VIP Business Program

Drop Down window will depict how it works and enroll now

Clicking on Enroll now – You will be asked to include My TLA #

TLA Code/Id: 7013362

Click Submit – Complete the Forms and you are READY

Formulate your promotion ideas or just use them for Customer Appreciation!

Send me a message or email if you have a need for assistance in setting up your account.

This article was published on 03.05.2019 by Tony Chavis
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