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The soul of Vieroots is in its scientific research. We consider the Roots of Life that goes back to Ancient Wellness Wisdom, which is more of eastern in origin. Some of the greatest treasures, which are enclosed in the ancient ‘Vedas’ are yet to be explored. Our endeavour is to explore that ancient wisdom, especially the ‘Ayurveda’ and redefine the knowledge using the support of modern science which includes Genetics and Artificial Intelligence. Vieroots is the first Personalised Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification company, probably in the world. Our medical research team has converged the genetic data and metabolic data to develop the Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications recommendations best suited to people. This is done with the help of high end Artificial Intelligence.

‘Geno-Metabolic Analysis is far ahead of a normal genetic predisposition test, which provides information about the variations or mutations in your genes and the subsequent lifestyle diseases for which you carry a higher risk compared to the standard population... However, the underlying fact is that ‘genes are only loaded guns; the environment is the trigger.’ This means that even if you have a higher genetic risk for a disease, it will express only when it is triggered. The factors, which trigger such genetic expressions are called epigenetic factors. Through a metabolic analysis one can know whether the trigger is on or whether the disease started expressing. Realizing this fact, the medical team at Vieroots curated an assessment model by combining the genetic data and metabolic data. This process is called Geno-metabolic assessment. After conducting hundreds of geno-metabolic assessments, now we are able to generate a highly personalized Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification recommendation with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

'Viegenome', the genetic predisposition test of Vieroots, is one of the most common comprehensive genetic tests available in the world covering the risk factors in more than 250 diseases. It also covers the risk analysis of genes connected with longevity, mental wellness and immunity. The EPLIMO recommendation based on the geno-metabolic assessment provides highly personalized lifestyle recommendations, which include what to eat, what not to eat, what kind of exercise fits your genes, alcohol tolerance etc.

Helping people to ‘Live Longer and Stay Younger’ by providing personalised holistic lifestyle management solutions which are scientific and evidence based for enhancing the physical, mental, social, spiritual and financial well being of a person .

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