This business announcement was written to assist interested individuals to diversify their investment portfolio by adding an alternative means of growing their investments by means of bitcoin mining. We recognize that when you BUY bitcoin, you subject yourself to the volatility and fluctuations of the same. Hence, many people withdraw their funds too soon out of the fear of loss when bitcoin drops, when ultimately had they allowed their funds to stay invested, they would have realized huge gains! As a bitcoin miner, even if bitcoin drops, you still earn bitcoin on a daily basis. Mining has huge benefits over buying… hence the saying… why BUY it when you can MINE it! Even more importantly than that, there would be no bitcoin without bitcoin miners! Let that one sink in :-)

If individuals truly understood the power of bitcoin mining vs. buying it, they would run through a brick wall to begin mining! Now is the best time to be mining. It is our job to educate as many people as possible on the tremendous opportunity we have in bitcoin mining. We truly have a vehicle that can be life changing for so many.  

Many bitcoin enthusiasts are interested in mining.  However, they just don't know where to begin. Further, to do bitcoin mining yourself at home can be very costly and complicated. Mining machines need the proper environment to thrive and perform at it's best potential.  Mining machines need to be in a well ventilated, cold area.  Further, mining machines are very loud and require ALOT of electricity!

Well...  GET EXCITED because we have the answer for those who truly want to do bitcoin mining! Bitcoin mining can truly help you create GENERATIONAL WEALTH!  Our company has recently built one of the largest mining facilities in the World in Canada in May of 2020.  We also have another mining facility in Colorado. Our company has been in business for over 2 1/2 years and is very credible and is registered with all the proper government agencies.  I have great confidence in the company as one of my very dear friends lives in Philadelphia, PA right where the corporate offices are located and have known the owners for several years.  He actually worked for the owners prior to them forming the mining company.  The owners are well known and a pillar in their community as they have owned several All State Insurance Agencies and Real Estate Agencies as well. The CEO started his first company at the age of just 13 and went on to sell it at age 15 for over 1.6 million dollars! I just wanted to share a little background on the owners of the mining company so you can get a feel for the credibility of the company.

If you have been following bitcoin, you know that it has recently broken new records and is on track to setting the highest high ever!!!  If you know anything about bitcoin you know the last halving event just occurred in May of 2020 and the new low set was $8600.  IF bitcoin follows the pattern that is has been performing in over the last decade, you would know that the next high set can be as high as over $280,000 a coin! Even if Bitcoin failed to perform as it has in the last decade and only rose up by 1/3rd of what it has been doing after a halving event, the next high could still be $86,000 a coin! AND, if you want to be EXTREMELY conservative, even if it just went up half of that... you get my point! NOW IS THE TIME TO BE MINING BITCOIN! I encourage you to join us in educating the masses on the future of bitcoin and why bitcoin mining can ultimately help us create generational wealth. I encourage you to educate yourself on bitcoin if you haven't already done so!

If you were to google "What is the best performing asset in the last decade?"... Google would tell you BITCOIN!  It will further go on to say that not only is BITCOIN the best performing asset in the last decade, but that BITCOIN is the best performing asset EVER in the history of mankind!!!! Don't miss the boat on this one! For more information check out the following links below and feel free to contact me.  I would love to answer any questions you may have.  In closing, always remember... Why Buy It --- When You Can Mine It! and

This article was published on 01.12.2020 by Brandy Hubbard
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