SFI is a platform that covers all the possibilities for success in the short, medium and long term. The time to do so will depend on your efforts and the efforts of those who afilies to SFI, if you decide to invest or if you decide to move without any capital investment. 

The path of non investment is the way to produce long term income, then you must first join your team alone with your work, without anyone's help (I say this in the sense that the process takes longer to do so), so you'll have to devote quality time to achieve income that you can feel satisfied, it will only be achieved to the extent that your referrals make purchases or make investments.

Therefore, you have different ways to achieve income. The first thing we mention are the direct sales you can achieve. For every sale you manage to get different benefits, namely 40% of the value of the item or service that you sell with your personal link, also want VersaPoints. Also want MRP, with which you can also make purchases.

Another way to win is by inviting your friends or other people to play any of the games TripleClicks.

Another way to win is incorporated businesses to sell their products and services on TripleClicks.

Another way to win is by selling your own items on TripleClicks.

Another way to win is to create a team of at least 5 people to do everything you do.

All this should do with your effort, your diligence, your perseverance and constancy. But the good thing about SFI is that you do not put in the Chinese, puts you well facilitated, because with a little investment every month, in well strategically, can achieve all this with less effort. This investment is a little less than $ 40 monthly.

SFI has what is called the standing order, which is to make a purchase of the TCredits currency, which lets you get every month 1500 VersaPoints, which are the minimum points that you must have to achieve higher incomes and participate in monthly drawings. When you accumulate this many points, SFI gives you two CSAs, are concerned that differ from the PSAs in the sense that the latter are your direct referrals.

This Standing Order will give the following benefits:

125 TCredits will give the state immediately EA (1500 VersaPoints more gift 100PV make 1600) to reach the rank of BTL you have to have 1400 VP more. With 125 TCredits, bidding on double auction for 1.250 MRP, so you can buy 10 TCredits with 1,260 MRP and earn 1,020 VP, totaling 2620 VP and if you do your daily, weekly and monthly actions that may have the status of BTL and effortless. (Just remind you to be 5 PSA for the state of BTL no matter if they are active or not).

SFI also offers you the NMP kit, valid only for the first 10 days for all new members. This kit is worth $ 20 and has, among other things;


500 VersaPoints

50 powerful TCredits

200 Rewards points (MRP)

10 Eager "witnesses" Zebra express

30 entries in the drawing TripleClicks free daily Corona

Anyway, this and much more offers SFI for you to achieve success as quickly as possible.



This article was published on 13.09.2016 by Raul Rivera
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