The Most Powerful Types Of Leads You Can Get For MLM Businesses

Today we are going to break down a few types of leads and find out what is the most powerful and least powerful type of lead for a MLM business.

From my own experience, I am going to share with you the different types of leads, and how well they will convert.

So let's do it!

Biz-Opp Leads

These leads can be purchased online at several lead providers.

I find these to be the most worthless lead of all. However, it is not impossible to get results with them, it's just very hard and the costs ad up quickly.

Many providers claim the leads are fresh, the lead asked to be contacted, and the lead has a few hundred dollars they want to invest into a home business. (man that would be awesome)

But when you call them, you find they mostly don't take your call as they are getting 50 calls a day from you, other MLM business owners, auto salesmen, insurance companies, online education, and more.

Mostly, the leads are simply sweepstakes entries who wanted to win some money and have no interest in what you thought they were interested in.

Genealogy Leads

These are super easy to get your hands on because you can simply search online for them yourself.

These leads have joined an MLM at one time or another, so they know the idea of it. 

They have to be cold called, and that is what prevents most people from using them.

However, they know the game. So they mostly do not get upset from a cold call.

I've found these to convert at the highest ratio of all leads you can either find or purchase. They are more likely to join an opportunity due to the fact they have done it before.

I'd recommend using these if you can't generate leads. I have had signups as high as 24 in under 3 weeks using genealogy leads.

Self Generated Leads

These may be the highest quality, but must be self generated.

This means you create a lot of content, and "attract" the right minded person to you.

These type leads are also mostly free. You are not paying someone to find them for you, but simply getting contacted by someone asking you about your product or service.

I see self generated leads converting almost at 100%. Some don't, but most people who take the time to reach out to you are interested or looking to purchase what you have.

When you reach the point where you are generating daily leads for a MLM business through blogs, articles, videos and other forms of content, you will see those "huge numbers" many leaders have.

Overall Concept

If you generate leads through any means, you must focus on getting targeted people. Meaning people who would more likely be open to working in an MLM.

Just randomly getting people to look at your business, will result in a lot of excuses from prospects. But even that way is better than no way at all.

Focus on how to get the highest qualified lead possible through advertising. Or perhaps focus on using genealogy leads. This would increase the speed in which you get signups, and save you a lot of money in purchasing advertising.

Did This Help?

If this helped, please leave a comment below and share. If you send me a connection request here on MLM Gateway, I'll be sure to accept it and connect with you!

P.S If you need genealogy leads, you can have a ton of them by the end of the day here

This article was published on 03.06.2018 by Jaye Carden
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