Hey, I got a gift and I want to pass a gift to you too, OK?

(Response) OK, what is it?

A gift redeemable for some Smart Phone digital currency that millions around the world are using. Let me know as soon as you collect yours from here:

Within our Distribution Phase we will create a million Billionaires and a billion Millionaires to establish a private economy that is sustainable and based on the principle of Abundance. What do YOU want to be?

While membership is FREE within the TBC community and any gift of Kringle coins are FREE and without obligation, TBC is a private group and use of the TBC wallet does cost a $10 Lifetime Wallet Fee. We are growing very fast as a community and TBC Admin uses these fees to cover the costs of the entire TBC technology and operation. We are not like the other public decentralized market driven coins you see in the marketplace, we are private and centralized and bringing the 1st "Abundance-based" currency into the world, with a mission to End Poverty globally.

Hop aboard the TBC Train that doubles your money and your life will change forever for the better. Early adopters of this special crypto-currency will enjoy the greatest benefits of the wealth it will create for them. Many may say it will never work, that it could never reach its full capacity. But I’m here to tell you: “It’s already working and we will only get bigger and stronger as a community as this train moves down the tracks.” Jump on board now, and you will see what I mean!

Time is short! It starts with learning how to stay in control of your own money. If you earned it, it’s yours, right? But if you receive money in USD for example, and the US Dollar collapses; then what happens? That’s right, you are screwed! If the USD collapses then how does that affect the other fiat currencies? That’s right! It is a global mess!

Just know that You have total control of “Your Money” when you use a truly decentralized crypto-currency like TBC. You are the only one that holds the private keys and passwords that protect your TBC wallet. If you protect those keys and passwords properly, not even the best hacker in the world could gain access to “Your Money!”

This article was published on 07.11.2018 by Ezem Chinwe
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The Billion Coin - CRYPTO CURRENCY, Free to join

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